They Didn’t Work So Hard For The Money! The Biggest Get Rich Quick Schemes Of All Time


These biggest get rich quick schemes will make you realize that the quickest way isn’t the best way. You have to work hard for your goals!

#1 Ponzi Scheme = $225 Million

In a now infamous get-rich-quick scheme, Charles Ponzi, in the 1920s, promised investors a 50% return on their investments just for a short amount of time.  It became so famous, not only because of the large amount of returns, but also because it was the first of its kind.  His scheme soon went down the drain when he had difficulties paying his clients, since he was just paying himself and his old investors with money from new investors.  It all blew up on his face when the authorities discovered it.  The investors lost $20 million in 1920, which should be around $225 million now.  Going forward, all these business scams have been named after Charles Ponzi.  What a way to get famous!

Ponzi Scheme = $225 Million Scammed