Things You Should Absolutely Know Before Going To College


Going away to college is one of the biggest growing-up steps of your life.  Are you ready?  Go through this list to see if you are prepared for the rigors of college life and being able to survive on your own.  Here are things you should absolutely know before going to college.

1. How to wash, dry, sort, fold and put away laundry

It’s a big process and you need to get it right.  We can’t have you washing away your money by leaving it in your pockets, or having a room full of dirty clothes because you don’t know how to use a washing machine.  Make sure you’re mature enough to handle your own laundry before moving away.


 2. Put your phone away

Know when you should turn your phone off and put it away.  You should always put it down during meals (don’t check messages during a meal– that’s so rude!).  You should also put it away while you’re on a date and when spending time with friends.