Things You Should Absolutely Know Before Going To College


Going away to college is one of the biggest growing-up steps of your life.  Are you ready?  Go through this list to see if you are prepared for the rigors of college life and being able to survive on your own.  Here are things you should absolutely know before going to college.

1. How to wash, dry, sort, fold and put away laundry

It’s a big process and you need to get it right.  We can’t have you washing away your money by leaving it in your pockets, or having a room full of dirty clothes because you don’t know how to use a washing machine.  Make sure you’re mature enough to handle your own laundry before moving away.


 2. Put your phone away

Know when you should turn your phone off and put it away.  You should always put it down during meals (don’t check messages during a meal– that’s so rude!).  You should also put it away while you’re on a date and when spending time with friends.


 3. Put your napkin in your lap

It makes you look like you’ve got some semblance of manners.  Don’t use it to blow your nose, though!


 4. Give up your seat to someone older or less healthy than you

This includes elderly people, pregnant women, people with disabilities or who are sickly and possibly women who have worn heels (girls understand this).

Young woman giving up her seat to elderly woman.

 5. Using profanity doesn’t make you sound cool

Actually, it really just makes you sound immature and rude.


 6. Don’t put things on the internet that you wouldn’t tell your mother about

Those things could cost you a job in the future, if found by a hiring company.

College Student Studying in Library

 7. Birth control doesn’t work 100% of the time

Just know that and make your decisions accordingly.


 8. Don’t let your friends drive if they are drunk

Take their keys.  Get a cab.  Do whatever you need to, to keep them safe.  A friend who is mad at you for taking her car keys is better than a dead friend.


 9. It’s ok to outgrow your dreams

We are all working to get our dream life.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away and don’t worry if your dreams change over time.


 10. If you’re flirting with everyone, you’re really flirting with no one

You’re also probably embarrassing yourself so, stop it.


 11. Learn how to study

I know you think you’re going to college to have fun, be an adult and party….but you’re going to college.  To learn, remember?  People around the world would be thrilled at a chance for higher learning– don’t take it for granted.


 12. Work hard

Aside from studying, if you can maintain a part-time job, you can have extra money to pay off debts, living expenses and having fun.  Plus, you’ll learn how to manage your time.


 13. Know who your friends are

Also know who your friends aren’t.  You’ll find that things change in college and some people you thought you’d be lifetime friends with, will fall out of your life, while others stay and help you through the hard times.


 14. Listen to your instincts

If something is telling you to run or leave– do it!  You were probably right.


15. Even sloppy people like neat roommates.

This is pathetic but true…so just pick up your stuff.  Learning to be neat and clean will get you far in life.