Things From Your Childhood That You Should Start Doing Again


Remember being a kid?  It was great!  You could have so much fun without even having any toys around.  There are some things from your childhood that you should keep doing!  It’s time to have some fun again.  Here are 15 things from your childhood that you should start doing again.

1. Letting your imagination run free

Imagining is important and fun.  It lets your creativity run wild and helps you to escape this world and enter another.  If there’s one thing adults need to bring back into their busy live, it’s a lively imagination.

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2. Game nights

Remember nights when you would play games with your family and everyone would laugh or cheat and try to beat one another.  It was a sweet, sweet time in life.  But, board games don’t have to be a thing of the past!  Why not bust some out now so you can play once more?

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3. Fortune tellers

We make too many decisions these days based on rationale.  Sometimes, we should just leave it up to fate.  Why not toss a coin or ask a fortune-teller every once in a while.

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4. Putting posters up of our favorite celebs

Why does this stop once we’re grown up?  Is it bad to have a poster of Backstreet Boys on your wall when you’re 25?  If that’s bad, then I don’t want to be good.

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5. Watching Saturday morning cartoons

Nowadays, we pay more attention to the news than to light-hearted cartoons.  Why not wake up with some silly fun instead of seriousness all the time?

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6. Swinging at the park

When’s the last time that you visited a park?  They’re lovely places to go for a little walk or even swing.  It’s time to let your grown-up side go a little crazy and see who can swing the highest!

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7. Jumping over stuff

Childhood was full of jumping over and through things.  Why do we stop jumping when we become adults?  Sometimes it’s good to jump for joy, jump on a trampoline or jump over some sprinklers.

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8. Chase the ice cream truck

Hey, just because you’re grown-up doesn’t mean you don’t like ice cream.  Everybody likes a good ice cream cone!  So, why not run after that truck, even if it seems far away.

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9. Passing notes

And I’m not talking about text messages on your smartphone.  I’m talking about notes– the paper kind with scrawled hearts and stars that get folded up all fancy and passed between friends.  We should do that again.

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10. Sleepovers

Sleepovers are a lot of fun and we should bring them back!  But it has to be the kind where everyone sleeps out on the carpet and giggles until late in the night together.

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11. Catching a firefly

Remember chasing butterflies and fireflies when you were a kid?  It was downright dreamy.  We should embark in this catching spirit once more!

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12. Playing dress-up

This definitely needs to happen more for adults.  This will help those creative juices get flowing!

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13. Riding a slip-n-slide

You would do this all day long as a kid…it’s time to try it again as an adult.  Get gutsy and run and jump! You’ll never know what will come of it.

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14. Watching a scary movie

Nothing better than getting scared out of your pants during a creepy movie.  Even better if you do it with your friends.

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15. Riding your bike to get around town

We know your life changed for the better the day you got your drivers license…but why not turn back the clock and start using  your bicycle to get places?  It’s more fun and it’s good for you too!

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