Things Couples Don’t Do In Front Of Each Other, Even After Years Of Being Together


There are just some things that you don’t share with your significant other.  After becoming comfortable around the other person, you’ll start to let things go…but there are some things that you just can’t do in front of them.  Here are 15 things couples don’t do in front of each other, even after years of being together.

1. Going number 2

Having your spouse or boyfriend in the bathroom while you pee is no big deal…but if it’s anything other than that, you force him our of there so fast and lock the door.


2. Picking your nose

This is a secret act that everyone engages in— but you don’t want your SO to see you doing it!  You learn to pick on the sly…and if you get caught, just claim that your nose was super itchy.


3. Loud juicy farts

You might let out a few tiny ones around your boyfriend, but those giant cheek-flappers are reserved for moments of silence and solitude.


4. Plucking ingrown hair

Wherever it is (legs, bikini line, pubic area, underarms etc) you don’t want your husband walking to see you plucking away at those gross hairs.  Reserve your plucking for the shower or other alone time.


5. Picking at/ popping zits

He knows you have zits but you don’t actually want him to watch you pop them…gross!  Unless it’s a pimple on your back that you can’t reach on your own– then, by all means, ask for his help.


6. Bleaching/waxing

Nobody wants to watch you strip your lady bits of hair, especially your husband.  Just wait until you’re done to show him the good stuff.


7. Removing your mustache and chin hairs

Ladies, guys do not want to see you with a mustache.  They also don’t want to know when you use their razor to remove it.  Just use it and get it over with already.


8. Putting on pantyhose or Spanx

This is a long and arduous process that doesn’t look sexy at all.  Don’t let him see you do it!


9. Getting ready for sexy time

All that last-minute prep you do to make sure you look hot is usually frantic and crazy.  He doesn’t want to see you look like a deer in the headlights as you’re throwing on some lingerie.  Just shut the door and see him in a moment.


10. For the guys– scratching your balls

She doesn’t want to see you with your hand down your pants, just scratching away.  Let your itchy time be a time when you’re on your own.


11. Taking out your Invisalign or retainer or mouth guard

Because spit.  Spit everywhere.


12. Putting in/ taking out a tampon

Yeah…nobody needs to see you do this.  Not even your spouse.


13. Stepping on the scale

It might be just a number, but it’s a number meant just for you.


14. No making out when you have morning breath

Neither of you like it, so a make out session in the early morning is unlikely unless you get up to brush your teeth or use mouth wash first.


15. Snuggling when smelly

You love him and all, but there will be no cuddle time after the gym until he takes a shower.  Sorry, bud, it’s just the rules.