Things You Should Definitely Do Right After A Breakup


Breakups are so hard…trust us, we get it.  March is coined “breakup month” for a reason.  It’s placed right between major holidays and summer and is the ideal time for relationships to end.  But we understand that this doesn’t make it any easier on you.  So, if you’re sitting on your couch in pajamas, watching sad movies, eating ice cream and silently weeping…well, this one’s for you.  Here are 15 things you should definitely do right after a breakup.

1. Take a break from social media

Social media is like a gossiping friend. The only good that might come is a little sympathy. It’s tempting to keep tabs on your ex but seriously, just don’t! Not much good can come of checking whose posts he or she “likes.”  Give your phone to a friend, deactivate your social media accounts, turn the computer off, do whatever you need to not get twisted into your ex’s life 27/7.


2. Make sure you don’t have to pass by your ex’s house

It’s time to start going out of your way to avoid your ex. If that means a new routine or a longer trip to work or the store to avoid the pangs that you feel when you pass by his or her house, it’s worth every extended second. Ultimately, you won’t spend the rest of your day feeling all those icky breakup feelings so hard.