Things That Happen In A Relationship Once The Honeymoon Phase Is Over


So, everything in your relationship was going along just great…until you passed the honeymoon phase.  Now you’re second guessing everything and wondering if you two will ever make it through this.  Before you totally freak out, realize that time will allow things to change for both good and bad.  Here are 15 things that happen in a relationship once the honeymoon phase is over.

1. Life doesn’t have to be so fancy all the time

When you’re past the honeymoon stage, you don’t need big expensive meals or outings to appreciate each other’s company. You can relax, have a picnic in the park or even just eat popcorn together on the couch while watching a show.  No big deal.


2. You’re finally honest about where you want to go to eat (or not)

You used to just let each other pick the place to eat.  Now, you’re going to say something if he wants sushi again and you can’t stand the stuff.  Or he’ll tell you he’s had enough of your burgers and fries joints.  That’s just how these things start to work.