Things That Happen In A Relationship Once The Honeymoon Phase Is Over


3. You’re forced to be around each other after a fight

Remember how much worse your parents’ bickering seemed during family vacations when you were all stuck together? Sparring is definitely worse when you can’t step away to clear your head and have some breathing room. You can’t always have space from the other person when you need it, but this winds up bringing you closer and preparing you for future arguments.


4. Suddenly sweatpants and no makeup is a great look for you

When you’re hanging out in front of the TV, you put on casual clothes to make the experience that much more relaxing. We all know it’s a pain to remove makeup before bed, so sometimes you just don’t even bother with eye shadow, mascara or foundation. You’re not going to doll yourself up for him all the time because you don’t have to.