Things You Loved To Do As A Kid That You Hate To Do As An Adult


When you were a kid, being an adult seemed like the most enticing thing.  You wanted to be all responsible, with a job and a degree and drink coffee and stay up late and do whatever the heck you wanted.  Then you grew up, and learned that being an adult isn’t as much fun as you imagined it’d be.  Here’s 22 things you loved to do as a kid that you hate to do as an adult.

1. Wearing a suit to work

As a kid, wearing a power suit was like the ultimate sign of being a cool grown-up, but now you’d rather crawl in a hole and die than wear business casual attire every damn day of your life.


2. Sleeping in until noon

When you were a kid, sleeping in was the best.  You could sleep all day and still be able to go to bed at night, right on time.  But, as an adult, sleeping in too much will wreck your whole week.

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3. Getting braces

As a kid, getting braces was the cool sign of becoming a teenager.  But, we adults look back on that time with terror that we’ll have to do it all over again because we didn’t wear that retainer.

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4. Eating microwave meals

As a kid, this meant you were getting delicious chicken nuggets in less than two minutes.  As an adult, you realize how unhealthy those things are and how you should be doing so much better than that.

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5. Eating pizza for every meal

Eating pizza was the best as a kid.  You could never get enough of that stuff! Now, as a grown-up, you realize that pizza just gives you indigestion and gas and that’s no fun at all.

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6. Getting snowed in

Having a snow day was a dream come true when you were little!  Yay! Snow day!  As an adult, it means you’ll have a really long commute to work or you’ll call in sick and get behind on your work.  Either way, it sucks.

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7. Getting five bucks from someone

That seemed like a huge sum of money as a kid that you could spend on a new toy or game or book.  Now, you feel like a failure if you don’t put that money towards paying bills and stuff.

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8. Being financially responsible

Kids would do whatever they wanted with money earned from a job, but adults know they have to pay things like mortgages, insurance and student loans, in order to keep living life.

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9. Getting a job as a cashier

As a kid, you wanted a fake cashier to play with and it was like the most exciting thing ever to sell things in your ‘store.’  As an adult, you realize what a boring dead-end job this is.

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10. Having a grown-up job

You dreamed of the day you could be like mom and dad and have a cool job, but now you’re a grown-up who pretty much hates having to clock in at the same place at the same hours five days a week. 

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11. Riding the bus

As a kid, this was so much fun.  You would ride it to school and feel so cool, up above all the other cars.  Well, riding the bus as an adult is definitely not as much fun.

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12. Going through the airport

It was a thrilling experience as a kid that became mundane and full of long lines and waiting as an adult.


13. Watching movies instead of sleeping

As a kid, you’d give anything to watch hours and hours of movies for as long as you wanted.  As an adult, you realize your body has some serious needs.

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14. Going for a drive

Going in the car was so fun as a kid.  As an adult, you remember how much you’re paying for this car and are worried someone else is going to run into you.

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15. Drinking coffee

You didn’t understand why your parents loved coffee so much when you were small, but now you understand.  You really understand.

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16. Grocery shopping

It was the most fun outing as a kid, but as an adult, you’d really rather not have to go schlep through aisles at the grocery store.

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17. Let’s face it…

Being a kid with no real responsibilities or worries was way better.  Let’s all go back to that time!

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