Things You Loved To Do As A Kid That You Hate To Do As An Adult


When you were a kid, being an adult seemed like the most enticing thing.  You wanted to be all responsible, with a job and a degree and drink coffee and stay up late and do whatever the heck you wanted.  Then you grew up, and learned that being an adult isn’t as much fun as you imagined it’d be.  Here’s 22 things you loved to do as a kid that you hate to do as an adult.

1. Wearing a suit to work

As a kid, wearing a power suit was like the ultimate sign of being a cool grown-up, but now you’d rather crawl in a hole and die than wear business casual attire every damn day of your life.


2. Sleeping in until noon

When you were a kid, sleeping in was the best.  You could sleep all day and still be able to go to bed at night, right on time.  But, as an adult, sleeping in too much will wreck your whole week.

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