Things That Only Make Sense If You’re From Canada


If you’re from the United States, you probably think of Canada in terms of ice, snow, cold, and frozen tundra.  But, this isn’t the case for the entire country.  It’s actually a pretty big place and parts of it are extremely beautiful (hello, have you ever heard of Prince Edward Island?).  But, there are just some things that you’ll never understand about Canadian life unless you’ve lived there.  Here’s 18 things that only make sense if you’re from Canada.

1. When people think of your country as just one city

We don’t all live in Toronto, buddy.  And depending on where we do live, Toronto could be really really far away from us.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.50.56 PM

2. We don’t really think of our politicians as being cute

They have a job to do.  So, we don’t want to take away from that by calling them hot, sexy or cute.  Despite whatever we might actually think about the guy, he has more to do for our country than be a sex symbol.

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