Things Our Parents Did That Would Get Them In Trouble Today


Oh, how times have changed.  Parents used to do pretty much whatever they wanted, when it came to parenting their children.  Nowadays, parents are judged for every little thing they do or don’t do.  See how much the world has changed by reading about these 15 things our parents did that would get them in trouble today.

1. Taking baby bath photos

There is nothing wrong in taking photos of your kids in the bath, but you could be in trouble if you post naked baby pics online.


 2. Let kids roam free

Kids used to play in outside in their neighborhood, largely unsupervised and it wasn’t a problem.  These days, you can hardly let a child out in the backyard without a parent carefully watching.


 3. Smoking in the car

Many parents would smoke in the car while driving kids to soccer games or to school.  Smoking around children with developing lungs is highly frowned upon nowadays.


 4. Seat belts

Many parents would just place their children in the backseat of a car, free to do as they pleased.  Now, there are numerous seat belt laws and you’d get in a lot of trouble for not buckling up your children.


 5. Weight gain

If you were a chubby kid, you might have endured some teasing back in the day.  These days, a parent can be convicted of not helping their child lose enough weight and have the child taken from them.


 6. Formula feeding

Your parents probably fed you with formula because it was just the easy thing to do.  Nowadays, moms are strongly encouraged to breastfeed after learning the health benefits of breast milk.

A baby being fed a bottle

 7. Spanking

Parents used to use spanking as a useful means of punishment to teach children to behave.  Now, parents are threatened with lawsuits and child abuse accusations for spanking their kids.


 8. Leave children with an unknown babysitter

Parents used to find whoever they could to watch their kids so they could enjoy a night out.  Now, parents have a harder time finding people they actually trust to watch their children ever for a few hours.


 9. Chores

Kids used to have big chores they had to complete around the house before they could go out to play.  Now, people talk about child labor laws and how they could apply to making your kids help out at home.  Ridiculous!


 10. Home alone

Parents would allow children to be at home by themselves after school for a few hours while they were at work.  Now, you’re treated like a terrible parent if you leave your kids at home alone for any reason or any amount of time.


 11. Driving

Parents used to teach kids how to drive long before they turned 16 by letting them getting behind the wheel and give it a go.  Nowadays, parents could face jail time for getting caught with an unlicensed child driving.


 12. Riding in the back of a pickup truck

All the kids would jump in the back and be laughing as dad drove down some bumpy back country road.  Parents can go to jail for letting kids ride in the back of a truck now.


 13. Free range

Kids go could all over and play outside and explore wherever they wanted.  Now, a child can’t be more than 10 feet from their house without a parent in tow.


 14. Alcohol

Parents would let their kids try some alcohol every now and then, as long as it was with them.  Parents are much more uptight about alcohol use by teenagers.


 15. Eating highly processed food

There was nothing wrong with eating a freezer meal for dinner or eating processed sugary snacks between meals.  Now, parents judge other parents on what they feed their kids, if it’s healthy or not, organic or not, homemade or not…