Things People Who Are Always Late Understand


It’s so hard to be on time all the time.  Isn’t life just that more exciting when you’re late and rushing to get there?  Here are 15 things people who are always late understand.

1. Missing the train by seconds inevitably leads to regretting every decision in your life that led to this moment.

*I shouldn’t have stopped to brush my teeth this morning.  That set off everything and made me late.*


2. You have that one friend who always gets to where you’re meeting up early and has to text you about it.

You just ignore the text because, duh, I was in too much of a rush trying to get here on time but have fun sitting at a table by yourself in the meantime.


3. Arriving at any appointment feels like the end to a race since you’re always rushing to make it in time.

This sweaty look was not because I was running…it’s just really hot outside.


4. You already have an apology and a story for why you were late for your lunch with a friend

“I’M REALLY SORRY I’M THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD AND…What’s that? It’s not a big deal? Okay cool.”


5. You really do try to make it places on time

It’s not you.  It’s all those other things that get in your way…like traffic and people crossing the street and cars going slow and…ok, ok, you probably should have left ten minutes sooner.


6. But you ran into an old friend who’s having a rough time and wants to talk about it…

It’s their fault.  Blame my friend.  You don’t know them anyway so I’m going to blame them.


7. And then you got sucked into a rabbit hole on YouTube and lost all track of time….

Nobody can escape the rabbit hole once it’s got you.  You must keep scrolling, must keep watching.


8. …Bottom line: You just never seem to be able to get out of your own way and get to places when you’re supposed to.

It’s fine, whatever.  People just expect it from you now.


9. Friends tell you parties are 15 minutes earlier than they actually are, just so you’re not late.

Which is pretty mean but also really smart on their end.


10. Why are late people constantly late? Genetics? Bad habits?

We don’t know but we know it’s annoying to everybody else.


11. Getting to work only five minutes late feels like a huge accomplishment.

You guys…it’s 9:05 and I AM HERE!! Look at me go!!!


12. You try to be “fashionably late” to parties, but end up arriving two hours after everyone else.

Which means you miss out on all the good food and drinks and don’t get the inside jokes or understand what everyone else is doing.  Sucks.


13. If someone notices how late you were, you have a full explanation ready.

“I was going to be on time but then I fell and flipped seven times in public and then I got a flat tire and then I saw a chicken crossing the road….”


14. And you never lie about what it was that held you up. You just tend to embellish.

“…And so then I had to take a picture but then I LOST MY PHONE and then I found my phone and by then the chicken was gone…”


15. And sure, you were late today…But there’s always next time, right?

*One of these days I’m going to get somewhere on time, and I’ll SHOW THEM ALL!*