Things Single Girls Are Tired Of Hearing


Being single is so hard.  I mean, you don’t have anyone to cuddle with whenever you want, people always feel sorry for you and you have to sleep along at night, for the most part.  But, it’s not as awful as it may sound.  Some of us single people are perfectly fine being that way.  And there’s a whole lot of comments from the rest of you that we don’t want to hear.  Here’s 15 things single girls are tired of hearing.

1. “It’ll happen someday.”

Mmm-hmm.  Yes, I’m sure it will.  But we really don’t need to stand here and have a pity party for me.  I’m ok.


2. “You don’t need anyone to be happy.”

Wow, thanks miss always-in-a-relationship!  I had no idea that I could actually achieve a level of happiness without having a significant other in my life.  Thanks for enlightening me!


3. “OMG– can I set you up with someone? I know the perfect person.”

I’ve yet to have positive results with this remark and I feel the need to say no.


4. “You have to love yourself before someone else can love you.”

So, uh question for you then….do you love yourself?  Do you? Because nobody likes to hear your stupid comments.


5. “Maybe he lost your number.”

Um yeah.  In the age of putting your number into your phone or being able to instantly find and contact someone via social media, I doubt he “lost my number.”  He just wasn’t interested, ok?


6. “You’re too picky.”

Wouldn’t you be?  I mean, if this is the person that I could potentially spend the rest of my life with, shouldn’t I have every reason to be picky?


7. “There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

Well, the damn sea is feeling pretty empty right about now, I’ll tell you that much.


8. “One day when you’re married, you’ll wish you were single.”

Wait….what?? You’re telling me that all I want right now is to find someone and get married and then I’m going to be wishing I was single instead?  What is this madness?


9. “You are such a catch!”

Wow, could you tell me something I don’t know for a change? If I’m ‘such a catch’ why am I still out here single and weeping every day of my life?


10. “Have you tried online dating?  My aunt met someone that way.”

It is none of your business what I have tried and what I haven’t tried.  I’m doing my best.  That’s all I can do.


11. “So, are you seeing anyone?”

Don’t you think that if I was, then I wouldn’t be here by myself right now?


12. “Aren’t you worried that you’ll never be able to have kids?”

Well, thanks for bringing that up, as if I don’t have enough worries in my life right now.


13. “Don’t you ever get lonely?”

Of course I do!  But I try to fill my time with good friends and good people…not people who sit around feeling sorry for me.


14. “It’ll happen when you least expect it.”

So….are you telling me to totally give up then?


15. “How are you still single?  You’re so great!”

Yeah, I really don’t know the answer to that question either….could you tell me more?