Things Single Girls Are Tired Of Hearing


Being single is so hard.  I mean, you don’t have anyone to cuddle with whenever you want, people always feel sorry for you and you have to sleep along at night, for the most part.  But, it’s not as awful as it may sound.  Some of us single people are perfectly fine being that way.  And there’s a whole lot of comments from the rest of you that we don’t want to hear.  Here’s 15 things single girls are tired of hearing.

1. “It’ll happen someday.”

Mmm-hmm.  Yes, I’m sure it will.  But we really don’t need to stand here and have a pity party for me.  I’m ok.


2. “You don’t need anyone to be happy.”

Wow, thanks miss always-in-a-relationship!  I had no idea that I could actually achieve a level of happiness without having a significant other in my life.  Thanks for enlightening me!