Things Women Find Incredibly Unattractive About Men


Men– we love you, we really do, but there are just some things that you do that drive us totally crazy.  If you’re looking for a relationship– stay away from these deal breakers, because they end the game for you and your potential beau rather quickly.  Here are 15 things women find incredibly unattractive about men.

1. Boasting all the time

Some guys big themselves up so much that it would appear they’re trying to prove to themselves that they’re a good catch. . Do you think that all this bragging will make us overlook the fact that you’re so boring? Being egotistical won’t make the ladies stick around so employ a bit of modesty and try asking questions about us rather than blabbing about yourself all the time.


2. No chivalry

You can take us on a few dates and treat us like a queen but the day you leave us to walk down a dark alley to find our car is the day we suddenly realize we’re not attracted to you anymore. We want a man who has old-fashioned values and treats his women with respect. We like to be looked after and feel safe when we’re with you, not feel as though you could ditch us at any moment to go hang with your boys.