Things Women Find Incredibly Unattractive About Men


Men– we love you, we really do, but there are just some things that you do that drive us totally crazy.  If you’re looking for a relationship– stay away from these deal breakers, because they end the game for you and your potential beau rather quickly.  Here are 15 things women find incredibly unattractive about men.

1. Boasting all the time

Some guys big themselves up so much that it would appear they’re trying to prove to themselves that they’re a good catch. . Do you think that all this bragging will make us overlook the fact that you’re so boring? Being egotistical won’t make the ladies stick around so employ a bit of modesty and try asking questions about us rather than blabbing about yourself all the time.


2. No chivalry

You can take us on a few dates and treat us like a queen but the day you leave us to walk down a dark alley to find our car is the day we suddenly realize we’re not attracted to you anymore. We want a man who has old-fashioned values and treats his women with respect. We like to be looked after and feel safe when we’re with you, not feel as though you could ditch us at any moment to go hang with your boys.


3. No sense of humor

When we’re laughing until we can barely breathe at something undeniably hilarious, it’s not very attractive when you sit there straight-faced and serious.  We like the guy who is intelligent enough to make us laugh until our ribs hurt and won’t give us an evil stare when we start breaking out into a giggle.


4. Scratching your privates

They’re the big manly hands we like to hold, the hands that make us feel safe, the hands you cook the tea with on the odd occasion, and the hands you er… scratch your privates with – nice. It’s definitely a turn-off for women when men shamelessly scratch ‘down there’ without a care in the world.


5. Being over-protective

As much as we love to feel safe and cared for, there’s a fine line between that and being over-protected. Being over-protective is a sign of insecurity, and we like our men to be independent and tough. One minute we’re saying thanks to the postman for delivering a parcel, the next we’re being accused by our other half of flirting and wanting to marry the guy.


6. Expecting us to always clean up after you

If you didn’t leave a trail of clothes, food, and towels around the house then we wouldn’t have anything to nag about. You make out as though we’re clean freaks whose lives revolve around cleaning and tidying when, in actual fact, we just don’t want to live in a pig sty. You suddenly lose your attractiveness once we’ve seen your boxer shorts scattered around the floor and your beard hairs in the sink. We’ll clean our stuff up, you clean yours.


7. No ambition

Most women are attracted to men who have a focus in life, and we find it repulsive if you have no ambition to achieve anything. It makes it hard for us to respect you if you can’t speak to us about your goals, ideas, and things you want to achieve. No one wants to settle down with the guy who gets his kicks out of lazing around on the sofa watching day time television while we’re working hard to achieve our dreams.


8. Unkempt hair

While you might think it looks clever or cute or tough or whatever the hell you are trying to get to with your style, the truth of the matter is that women don’t want to see your hair looking rough, dirty, greasy or just otherwise unkempt in any way.
Purposeful bedhead is okay. Being truthfully dirty is not.


9. And any other hair too, while we’re at it

Body hair is gross.  We know you have a lot of it.  Just try to keep it under control, ok?  Especially the hair on  your chest.


10. Guys who smoke/ use drugs

No girl likes sitting in a smoke-filled room with people who can barely open their eyes, laughing at Bob Marley’s bobble head toy, so, uh, stop that now if you want to keep us around.


11. The guy who wishes he could date his own abs

He’s obsessed with himself, and the gym.. all he talks about is working out! Oh hey Mr. Abercrombie and Fitch.. did you buy you top in the children’s section so your muscles would try to escape out the sleeves? He spends more time in the gym than with you.. and even though you planned to go to the cinema.. he remembered it’s leg day.. YOU CAN’T SKIP LEG DAY!!!


12. Guys who stink

It takes two minutes to brush your teeth.  If you try to kiss me and your breath stinks! HELLO.. major turn off! Not to mention B.O .. If you’re in a club and a guy is trying to chat you up, nothing else is going to make you need to, ahhh.. need to dash to the bathroom! like the smell, (OR WORSE) sight.. of B.O.


13. The gas blower

No, not the funny one.. the one that’s literally ‘gas’ who spends the majority of his life farting. It’s totally gross.. especially when they smell like rotten eggs! They just do it and act like nothing’s happened.. until you’re passed out on the floor with the smell of rotten cabbage! Or belching like a pig when you’re eating out for dinner and CLEARLY people are looking.. how embarrassing!! We all know the dreaded fear of being shoved under the covers, trapped within a freshly blown fart!!


14. Irresponsible

No girl will condone a relationship with a guy who’s completely irresponsible. It’s just too much effort! If you spend more time acting like his mother than his girlfriend, it’s never going to work. He has no concept of money, and spends most of it on drinks and a garlic chips and cheese. You’ll spend more of your time arguing like an old married couple, about money and cleaning up their mess. He’s like a 17-year-old in a 20-something body.


15. The beauty queen

You should NEVER date a guy who takes longer than you to get ready, or one who has more beauty products than you for that matter! He takes 30 minutes in the shower, then another 15 brushing his teeth with three different toothpastes, not to mention another 20 minutes doing his hair.  And, yes, some guys DO use straighteners.. and a comb..and hairspray.