Things Women Who Love Attention Do All The Time


Are you the type of girl who is addicted to attention?  Do you love it when the spotlight is on you?  If so, you might just be an attention whore.  Everybody like a little bit of attention every now and then but those who are truly addicted to being the center of attention can have lingering problems (like people hating you).  Here’s 15 things women who love attention do.

1. Do questionable things just so people pay attention to you

You know how to be the girl that everyone is looking at.  Whether that’s by showing off your body or talking loudly or being a ridiculous flirt, you’re pretty good at it.


2. Take (and post) tons of selfies

You think you’re adorable and so clearly, people must want to see photos of you all the time. Clearly.


3. Overshare about your life

You just love posting juicy details about your life for all the world to see.  Just know that no one cares what time you went to bed, or how much you had to drink or how many times you go pee at night or anything else that’s stupid and petty like that.


4. Act super peppy to get male attention

We just love how you are suddenly full of energy and excitement about life when there are guys around.  Not to mention your cleavage suddenly appears and you’re nice and funny again too.  Weird, right?


5. Act like a sports fan

We all know you don’t watch football regularly. How? Because you bought your first Giants shirt during week three of the playoffs or the only Giants gear you own is a bedazzled hoodie from Victoria’s Secret. You tweet “Yay Giants!” when they win, yet you can’t name ten players and/or their positions.


6. Claiming how ugly you are

Exclaiming how ugly or fat you are on a regular basis is a desperate cry for attention. We all know that you don’t think you’re ugly or fat because if you did, you would be too embarrassed to admit it.


7. Intentionally flaunting your problems to everyone

You love playing the victim and you shamelessly crave for sympathy. But really, if you truly want to feel any better, talk to a good friend over phone or in person. Flaunting your heartbreaks or scars online or in public won’t get you anything more than stares.


8. Front and center

You don’t realize it, but you always claw your way to stand in front of the group every time someone tries to take a picture of the group.


9. VIP treatment

You want all the attention when you go to a new place. If your friends get more attention that you, you think the place sucks. But if the manager or the chef speaks a lot more to you, you fall in love with the place even if the food sucks.


10. You play nice

You’re nice to everyone, not because you love all people or you’re a politician, but because you want everyone you meet to love you and crave your attention! You go out of your way to be really nice to people you meet for the first time, and end up taking all the good friends who know you for granted.


11. You tell white lies

You make up stories about boyfriends, vacations or shopping sprees every now and then just to look cooler than everyone else. You constantly have the urge to feel superior to all your friends.


12. You hate unwanted attention

You talk about all the guys that give you so much attention, and how you so totally hate it. But surprisingly, you don’t ignore those guys either.


13. You are temperamental

Your mood swings change constantly. You could be in a heated argument with your best friend or your sister, but if a new friends walks past you or calls you over the phone, you can change your attitude almost instantly and become really nice while talking to them.


14. You’re a sore loser

You just can’t accept it if a guy hits on your friend instead of you when the two of you go out. You think the guy’s a loser, because you’re so much better, and it’s his loss he can’t see that!


15. The center of the universe

You feel really miserable if you aren’t the center of attention with your friends. And if two friends of yours make secret plans about something without telling you about it, you feel deeply hurt.