Time Flies! 18 Incredible Pictures Showing How A Flight Was 40 Years Ago


Yes, time flies! Imagine just how much has changed in 10 years, and how the world was in the 2000’s. Crazy, right? But, can you imagine what the world was like 40-50 years ago? Impossible. There have been countless changes made to our planet throughout these decades, especially where technology is concerned. We’ve gone from huge, heavy telephones to powerful, compact and modern smartphones. However, there is one thing that was 1000 times better in the past – flights. Of course, airplanes these days are much more safe, secure and modern, but back then, onboard a jet was a place of total luxury. The way flights were back then is impossible to see now, unless you own a private jet. Check out our special selection of pictures taken onboard an aeroplane 40 years ago, but first, fasten your seat-belts! Bon voyage.

 #1 Economy Class

Here’s a good example of how economy class looked 40 years ago. At first glance, it doesn’t look all that different from nowadays, but just take a moment to consider how much more comfortable the seats look, with much less people than on flights these days. There’s not even a shutter on the overhead storage compartments!