Time Flies! Family Takes The Same Photo For 21 Years And The Result Is Amazing


We’ve already showed you the incredible story of the Brown sisters, who posed for the same picture each year since 1975. Now, it’s time to show you guys another amazing project, which was created by the talented photographer, Zed Nelson. He named it “The Family”, which involved photographing a family for 21 years in exactly the same position and scenario, to show their ageing and growing as the years went by. And, you know what? It’s truly amazing to see a tiny little baby grow into a mature 21-year-old. Sometimes, we just can’t see time passing or people ageing, because we see them all the time. That’s why we thought the article below will prompt you guys to stop taking life for granted, and start savouring each and every moment. Enjoy!


Here’s when the whole project started, way back in 1991. Although we searched all over the Internet for the family member’s names, we couldn’t find them anywhere. On the official website of the project, the photographer mentions that they are his friends.