Time Flies! Hop Inside Our Time Machine And Feel Old In 18 Steps


Yes, folks! Time flies, much quicker than we imagine. In the blink of an eye, 10, 15, or even 20 years pass by, right in front of us. A good way to recognize how much time has actually passed is to look at the sweet little kid in our favorite 1990’s movie, and then consider how old they actually are nowadays. The perfect example of this is Macaulay Culkin. We still remember watching that adorable kid trying to escape from the burglars in his house while his family were in France, but we fail to remember that he transformed into an adult with drug problems. So, if you like to feel a little nostalgic every now and then, this is the perfect article for you. Ready to feel old in 18 steps?! You’ll be surprised at how much time has passed without you even knowing it. Hop into our time machine, and enjoy!

#1 Home Alone

The mega success that is “Home Alone” was a movie sensation of the 1990’s, and made a gross amount of $285,761,243. In fact, it was the top grossing film of that year in North America. The year was 1990, which is 25 years ago.