Times Emma Stone Proved Her Awesomeness


Here are just a couple of times (and reasons) that Emma Stone has proven her utter awesomeness!

#1 She calls out sexism.

Even when it comes from her own boyfriend.  During a Question and Answer portion of The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield called sewing feminine.  Stone immediately stopped him and asked, “Feminine, how?”  (Side Note: Did you know that Josh Hutcherson tried out for the Spider-Man role Andrew Garfield now holds?  For more actors who didn’t get the role, click here.)

She calls out sexism.

#2 She’s a big fan of puns.

During a Vogue profile, Stone visited a Build-A-Bear with the writer.  She drops the puns, “exhi-bear-tionism” and “bear-ing all.”  We think she’s one of those few people who can actually pull this off.  She’s just so cute!

She's a big fan of puns.