All The Times Jennifer Lawrence Was A Disney Princess


This….this is why we all love Jennifer Lawrence. Here are all the times Jennifer Lawrence was a Disney Princess.

1. She gives us the Elsa eyes

J-law can be as pretty and mysterious as Queen Elsa from Frozen. We wouldn’t mind being frozen by her.  Not at all.


2. Now we know she’s a princess

She’s done the classic princess cry just like all of our favorites.  This is proof…absolute proof.


3. Um…hello…she’s clearly Aurora

If you never thought of Jennifer as the Sleeping Beauty type, think again.  Plus, she always tells the press how much she loves to sleep all day when she’s not working.


 4. Did we mention that she’s also Belle?

You cannot deny the absolute similarities here.  She’s the princess belle of our dreams.


 5. She’s cool like Daphne from Scooby Doo 

Sure, Daphne’s no princess, but we still like that Jen’s got retro 70’s style.


6. She could totally play Anna, too!

Do you see the resemblance here?? If we put her hair in two braids, she would literally BE Anna!


7. She’s got the whole ‘Rapunzel’ look going on

She has a sweet face like Rapunzel…and even cut off all her hair like Rapunzel did too!


8. She channels Jessica Rabbit

And we know Jessica Rabbit is not a Disney princess but whatever…J-law’s totally working it.


9. More proof of Jessica Rabbit

Here you can clearly see Jen’s copying of Jessica’s signature look. Oh, Jen…we love you!


10. She’s a beauty like Snow White

Sure, she plays a much tougher and less singing sort of Snow White but you still see the resemblance, right?

snow whitejen15

11. She can do Mulan

Her long straight hair here, with her floral dress that could be made of silk is the closest she’ll get to being Mulan.


12. Oh yeah…and she’s princess Jasmine too

Here’s proof…she’s even got a snake to make it look more Arabian!


13. She wore Ariel’s dress…only better

We’re fairly certain that Ariel and Jen have the same stylist since they have such similar taste in gowns.


14. She’s a modern-day Pocahontas

She saves people, she’s brave and wears a braid.  Must be Pocahontas.


15. We knew it

She’s just the most perfect cinderella there ever was.  Sigh.