Tips For Caring For A Baby That You Never Hear


Taking care of a baby is hard work– the little things are ver particular!! Here are some things to help you out– tips for caring for a baby that you never hear.

1. Never give the baby rice or cheerios right after vacuuming

You’ll regret it.


2. Never assume they won’t get their outfit dirty

If in doubt, remove it.  Also– kids will inevitably have a blowout in your favorite new outfit just as soon as you put it on. It’s the magic of being a parent.

messy baby

3. Their clothes won’t fit for long anyways

They grow so quickly, they’ll only be able to wear those cute tiny things once or twice before you can’t stuff them into anymore.


4. Not every baby likes to be swaddled

Some hate it.  They like to be free.


5. You’ll realize you should have just asked for diapers at your baby shower

Who knew you’d use so many of those so quickly.


6. You’ll become weirdly interested in baby poop

It’s all about color, consistency, texture and frequency, baby.


7. It doesn’t matter how much you baby-proof the house

The baby will find the one thing you forgot to do.

baby proof

8. Every trip out of the house is a major ordeal with a baby

“Do you have the diaper bag, wipes, diapers, extra outfit, blankie, toys, and pacifier?”  “Yep.”  “Do you have her in the carseat, properly buckled in and bundled up with enough entertainment to last an entire flight??”  “Uh…yes.”


9. Sometimes babies cry for no reason at all

But you’ll still rush around checking everything and you’ll finally give up by just holding them close as they scream in your ear.

baby cry

10. It’s impossible to feel manly when folding tiny baby clothes

All those teeny tiny onesies and leggings are so adorable and you’ll look adorable folding them.


11. You’ll feel a strange sense of pride when your baby cries if anyone but you and your husband hold her

Because, at least she recognizes and likes you, you know?


12. You’ll develop ninja-like reflexes

For those time when you need to sneak into a sleeping baby’s room for something and sneak back out undetected.


13. You will become a speed eater

Because that baby could start crying at any moment and then you won’t get to eat anything at all.

speed eat

14.  Just remember– your baby will probably love wrapping paper more than the gift you picked out

So, just be prepared…actually…why not just give your baby some wrapper paper to play with?

wrapping paper

15. They’ll become your favorite tiny humans

You’ll watch them grow and start to laugh and coo and wiggle and you’ll be in love with every single tiny movement.