Top 10 Most Annoying Things People Do On Facebook


We get it, Facebook is a way of life– a way to connect and communicate with friends and family who are both close and far away.  It’s your own little community and a convenient way to keep in touch with people.  But, we all have those “friends” on Facebook who drive us absolutely crazy.  Here are the most annoying things people do on Facebook.

1. Send stupid game requests

No, I don’t want to play Candy Crush.  Or Farmville…or poker…or any other dumb game you are currently enjoying.  If you bombard me with invites, I will unfriend you.

game requests

2. Weather updates

Hey there, guy-I-went-to-elementary-school-with-who-now-lives-in-Africa…you don’t need to update your status with the weather.  You’re in Africa and I DON’T CARE.  Same goes for you, girl-from-college who lives ten minutes away from me.  Oh gee, it’s raining?  I had no idea.

weather update

3. Facebook pokes

For those of you who have used Facebook for a while now, you might remember back when the site allowed you to “poke,” other users.  We still have no idea why.  Or what it meant…which is probably why they got rid of it.  You would get poked by someone and wonder what in the world it meant.  Well, at least the annoying poke wars are over now.

fb poke

4. Status Updates that tell us every detail of your life

Here’s an update for you– most of us (and by most I mean ALL of us) don’t care that you woke up at 7:23 or that your workout was hard or that you had Wheaties for breakfast or that you made it on the train in time.  We get that you’re lonely and feel the need to post every little detail of your life…but please– cease and desist.

fb updates


5. Using too many acronyms

This isn’t Twitter– you aren’t limited to 140 characters.  Therefore, please don’t abbreviate every single word.  You can type out, “you” instead of using ,”u.”  You can say, “thank you,” instead of, “thx.”  And please spell out, “I love you,” instead of putting, “ILY.”  For goodness sakes, if you love them so much, you can at least type it out.


6. Couples who write all over each other’s walls

Staaaahp it– you’re making the rest of us sick with your lovey-dovey posts.  Private message each other or something–we don’t want to see this ick!


7. Overly emotional posts

So, we get that you broke up with your boyfriend and you’re just SO sad about it…but seriously can you keep your baggage offline, please?  Thank you…

overly emotional

8. Mom who posts way too much about her kids

Yes, your children are adorable.  But we don’t need to see their outfit every single day or when they wet their diapers or say, “Goo.”  You can post special things– but make it something actually special or people will get sick of you real quick.




9. Daily selfie-takers

We know what you look like.  There is no need to take a selfie of yourself every single day and post it on your Facebook.  Not only does it annoy the rest of us, it makes you look incredibly full of yourself.


10. Cryptic status updates

Status updates are supposed to be self explanatory and should provoke a reaction that leads to comments or likes. However, everyone has the friend who posts something like “not again” or “I can’t believe it,” which is designed specifically for other users to ask what happened to make them feel special. What a con job– do not ever fall for those! It is usually something so stupid that it wasn’t even worth the effort to type in a comment to ask what happened.

cryptic updates