Top 25 Winter Travel Destinations


Zurich, Switzerland




Zurich is a city that’s known for being beautiful in the winter, it becomes magical even if you’re not a fan of the cold (especially during Christmas season).

The Old Town of Zurich is particularly beautiful when the snow has fallen, so put on your warmest clothes and take a stroll through the town to see the architecture dusted with sparkly white snow. If you prefer to be indoors, tuck yourself (or with your travel companion) into the corner of a restaurant and bask in some fondue that’s authentic to Switzerland and enjoy the feeling of being warm and cozy while the snow falls lightly outside. The museums in Zurich are a great thing to visit while the snow falls, if you want to stay indoors that is. Zurich is home to the Museum of Modern Art, the Swiss National Museum and the Circus Museum Rapperswill, which is Switzerland’s only circus museum.