Do You Know Disney’s Top Ten Box Office Hits?


Disney movies have a way of warming the heart and appealing to both young and old.  Maybe that’s why the company has been able to stay afloat in the incredibly difficult animation business.  Here are Disney’s highest grossing films of all time:

1. Frozen

Frozen is the highest grossing Disney animated movie of all time!  Disney studios were exceptionally pleased with the success of their latest winter debut.  This movie was the highest grossing of them all– just how much has Frozen taken in cold hard cash? How about $1.28 billion!


2. Toy Story 3 

Usually second and third movies don’t tend to do as well as the original.  This was not the case for Toy Story 3.  This film did so well, it won an an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, is number two with $1.06 billion.


3. The Lion King

The Lion King is still so incredibly popular that it even spawned a Broadway show that is still among the most popular musicals on Broadway. In theaters, the animated classic wowed audiences and brought in $987 million in global ticket sales.

lion king

4. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo became a memorable classic that both parents and children could relate to.  Audiences poured into theaters to catch the movie when it premiered back in 2003. It has made almost a billion, specifically $936.7 million.

finding nemo

5. Monster’s University 

To find out how Sully met Mike, Monsters University went back in time and audiences responded in droves. The fifth highest grossing Disney film of all time internationally has earned $743.6 million.

monsters univ

6. Up

Up warmed the soul when it premiered in 2009 and although there was so much to love (Squirrel!) about the film, it won us over with its story of timeless love that captured audiences and led to its $731.3 million in international box office gross.  Plus, who didn’t  cry during the first twelve minutes of the film?  Bawlfest over here.


7. The Incredibles

There’s a reason that The Incredibles has had people demanding a sequel since it debuted a decade ago in 2004. $631.4 million in ticket sales tends to leave people wanting more!

the incredibles

8. Ratatouille

Ratatouille and its story of a Parisian rat who dreams of being a top notch chef cooked up some serious dough at the international box office with a $623.72 million gross.


9. Tangled

Back in 2010, audiences became seriously tangled up with the Disney version of the iconic Rapunzel fairy tale to the tune of $591.8 million.


10. Monster’s Inc.

Monsters Inc. was an instant hit with a great cast of voices– including Billy Crystal as Mike and John Goodman as Sully. That Pixar-Disney effort is number ten on our list with its international gross of $562.8 million.