Try To Find The Woman Hidden In These Natural Landscape Photographs


We already showed you guys an awesome article about Momo, a beautiful dog that is always hidden in their pictures. Finding him was not an easy task, but it was definitely worth the fun. Now, it’s time to check out a very similar article, but with much more nature and art. In each picture below is a woman camouflaged with the surroundings, hidden between the stunning nature. In some of them, it’s extremely difficult to find her… so are you guys ready to test your perceptions?! Leave your comment if you succeed in finding the woman in all 18 of the pictures. Enjoy!

#1 Frozen

Among this white environment and icy rocks is a camouflaged woman, just waiting for you to realize where she’s hiding. Can you find her? It’s actually not as difficult as it seems.


#2 While The Ice Melts

While the sunlight hits the ice and melts it delicately, the green format starts to appear, and amongst these beautiful views is a woman camouflaged into them. Can you find her?!


#3 Roots

In this desolated landscape, a woman is laid down among the roots. In fact, it’s not so difficult to find her, and the whole picture was created to open our eyes up to the issue of deforestation.


#4 Open Your Eyes

Once again, we can see a desolated landscape where a woman is hidden amongst the stunning nature. This one is a little bit more difficult, but it shouldn’t be too long before you spot her.


#5 The Rock

Another easy one here – can you find the camouflaged woman amongst these huge boulders? It’s incredible how people can paint someone’s body and blend them in with any type of surrounding.


#6 The River

In the midst of this beautiful and peaceful landscape, she is hidden away once again, just waiting for you to find her. Can you?!


#7 Try Hard

Now, it’s time to test your perceptions and see if your eyes are as strong as an eagle’s. Can you find the girl camouflaged amongst this strange landscape?! Let’s see…


#8 On The River

After the super-difficult puzzle above, we’ve decided to make it a little easier for you talented folks. This one is all about contemplating the amazing work of art whilst looking for the woman.


#9 The Human Tree

It’s easy to say that the make-up artist involved in this project is amazingly talented. The way the woman is camouflaged perfectly against any surrounding is pretty damn impressive.


#10 The Riverbank

Here’s yet another awesome body painting that camouflages the woman perfectly against the riverbank. It’s not so difficult to find her, but the picture is absolutely stunning.


#11 Among The Rocks

Here’s another good one. It’s not so difficult to find her, but it does demand a little attention and good perceptions.


#12 Two Girls

Now, we’re stirring things up a little. In this picture below, not one, but two women are hidden in the picture. Are you able to find them both?!


#13 The Blue Shade 

Among all these rocks and the beautiful natural landscape, the woman is camouflaged once again, this time with the river. It’s another amazing work of art by both the photographer and the make-up artist.


#14 The Fallen Angel

Just like a fallen angel by the river, the woman is laid down amongst the rocks and eerie grey shades of the river.


#15 Big View

In this stunning landscape, the woman is once again hidden, just waiting to be spotted. Can you guys find her in this one?!


#16 The Green Empire

Jeez – nature sure is a beautiful thing. The trees, the greenery, the river… everything in this picture is stunning. And, of course, the woman is here once again, hidden amongst the backdrop, just waiting to be discovered.


#17 Fallen Tree

In this one, it’s pretty clear to spot where the woman is hiding, but once again, it’s great to be able to check out the impressive work of the make-up artist. So much talent!


#18 The Dead Nature

Well, it’s very easy to spot where the woman is in the picture below, but the way the photographer has combined her with the dead tree is very creative.