Ultimate Fails That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face


We all have moments in life that are not the smoothest.  Who hasn’t sat on something gross, fallen down or farted in front of other people?  What about wearing a terrible outfit, being wildly unprepared or losing control in a situation.  It happens, people, all the time.  The only difference for these people is that someone captured their humiliating moment with a camera.  Here are 15 ultimate fails that will bring a smile to your face.

1. Here’s what happens when you take the ice-cube tray out of your freezer all night long

The freezer just keeps making ice until the tray is full…and if it can’t sense that it’s full, it’ll just keep on going.  So, here’s some ice to last you awhile.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.35.08 AM

2. The person who couldn’t do their one job

All you had to do was put avocado and you would have been good.  But, nope, you forgot it. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.35.24 AM

3. When you get in the car and you see this imprint in the back seat

Word to the wise: always wear a seat belt and know if your friend is actually a good driver or not.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.35.35 AM

4. When you see an old person trying to work a camera

Um…you’re doing it wrong. Someone needs to get this lady some camera lessons, because it’s really not that hard.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.35.43 AM

5. When you see someone putting white-out on the computer screen

Yeah, don’t do that.  Does this woman even understand how computers work.  We’re horrified at this!  Someone stop her!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.36.09 AM

6. When you find a great new spot just for your phone

All you kids have no idea that space was used for cassette tapes back in the day, but now it serves as a holder for your iPhone.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.36.35 AM

7. When you accidentally leave your sun roof open during a blizzard

We feel so bad for the interior of your car that’s about to get freezing and ruined.  Somebody tell this person about this problem, now!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.37.00 AM

8. When you really should have grabbed a cart

I mean, did you really think you could go on an alcohol run and have enough hands to carry all that booze yourself?  Learn your lesson and get a cart next time.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.48.42 AM

9. When you feel really stiff…

It’s because you forgot to take the hanger out of your jacket before putting it on.  How does he not notice this??

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.48.51 AM

10. When your cat makes these faces at you when you leave him out in the rain

If you wait any longer, he’ll straight up attack you when he gets inside.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.49.04 AM

11. When you have a car on your own private island

Yeah, we don’t get it either.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.52.38 AM

12. When someone inks your selfie on their arm

NOOOOooooooo! This is the worst thing we’ve ever seen.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.53.51 AM

13. This guy who can’t wait to get his hands all over his prom date

This is what happens when you wear extremely low-cut and high-slit dresses.  Guys just turn into complete animals…because they sure aren’t thinking with their heads.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.55.12 AM

14. This ad that was placed in a terrible spot

Oops.  Well, this is still pretty funny. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.55.26 AM

15. Bambi II

Uh, wait, what???

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.57.26 AM