The Uncomfortable: The Frustrating Products of Katerina Kamprani


A watering can with a spout turned backwards, an umbrella made of cement, a pair of yellow rain boots without the toes and a plate covered with fur. These are just some of the quirky reconstructions of simple and useful everyday objects by architect Katerina Kamprani’s design project entitled “The Uncomfortable”. According to the Athens-based Kamprani, her goal is to tweak the fundamental properties of simple and useful everyday objects to deliberately make them inconvenient.

As Kamprani puts it, “When it comes to everyday objects, we have an idea in our minds what it could do. We all know what a fork does, and a spoon does, and all these everyday objects. So you have an expectation for that object. What I design is very close to that, but a bit different.”

Most of the reconstructed items in this project are 3D renderings rather than physical objects. When asked how she comes up with these quirky redesigns, Kamprani said that she first analyzes how the a particular item interacts with a user and once she identifies that, she sabotages this feature discretely, making the item uncomfortable to use.

1. A pocket full of these might push you over the edge.

A pocket full of these might push you over the edge

2. Have a cup of uncomfortable.

Cup of uncomfortable.

3. Dinner is served…in HELL.

Dinner is HELL.