Uncommon Romantic Gestures That Are Sure To Make Your Girl Melt


If you’re trying to think of sweet things you can do for your girlfriend/wife/hopeful girlfriend, then you’re in the right place.  Girls love it when guys go the extra mile to do sweet and thoughtful things for them.  Here are few uncommon romantic gestures that are sure to make your girl melt.

1. Play with her hair gently while watching TV or a movie

She’ll be so relaxed and in love, you’ll be amazed.


2. At the end of a hard day for her, tell your you’re picking up food from her favorite place

She’ll be surprised and happy to have something good to come home to.


3. Go back and buy her something you noticed her admiring in a store

She’ll be touched that you remembered how much she loved that watch and love it even more because it came from you.


4. Make her bed while she’s getting ready

She likely tidies up after she gets ready and she’ll be pleased to see that you can do it too.


5. Put your arm around her when you’re out together

Especially if it’s cold out.  Pull her in close and make sure that she’s staying warm.


6. Rub her back just because

Not only will this totally get her in the mood, she’ll be so happy that you’re doing it just to make her happy.


7. Have a show that you two have to watch together

When you share a show together, you create a special bond and feel a connection when you sit down to watch it.


8. Offer to paint her toenails or brush her hair

She’ll love that you want to be part of her beauty routine and that you get to spend some quality time together.


9. Convince her that you forgot a special day, like a birthday or anniversary and then surprise her with reservations to a nice place

She’ll be thrilled that not only did you not forget, you also made the plans well in advance.


10. Write a sweet note to her and put it in her purse or lunch

When she finds it, she’ll definitely smile.


11. Buy her some little things that she loves

A bag of chips, a beauty magazine and a bottle of nail polish can actually be way better than flowers!


12. Cup her face when you kiss her

Especially if it’s just a normal everyday run-of-the-mill kind of kiss.


13. Offer to help her with chores around the house

Whether it’s picking weeds in her garden, vacuuming the house, or washing a few dishes, she’ll be very appreciative of you.


14. Give her some sweet snuggles in the morning

Spend a few extra minutes in bed with her in the morning, just cuddling, before you both have to get up.


15. Tell her how pretty she looks every single day

Chances are, she doesn’t feel pretty every day and you telling her will actually mean a lot to her.