Unhappy Endings: The Dark Fairy Tales of Rachael Wise


If you want your fairy tales to be the fun, family friendly Disney-type of thing then this post is not for you. Rachael Wise, a Massachusetts-based artist and illustrator, has given your favorite fairy tales some dark and morbid twists. In this post you will not find your favorite Disney princesses living happily ever after with their knights in shining armor. Instead, you will find strong-willed heroines and a more realistic and dark portrayal of their tales.

In her self-proclaimed “f#*ked up” series, Wise shows us some Disney characters behaving badly, like a drugged-up Alice in Wonderland and Ariel ditching her mermaid tail for a pair of bionic legs. Fun, right? Check out more of her dark fairy tales below:

1. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A wolf in sheeps clothing

2. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men.

All the kings horses and all the kings men