These Unlucky People Are About To Be Injured, Badly


We already showed you lovely folks the pictures taken just a few seconds before a big disaster, and the time has now come to check out some pictures taken before people were injured… badly. Don’t worry, though – there’s no blood in this article, just downright hilarious stuff. So, are you ready to laugh at these unlucky creatures who are about to sustain some pretty nasty injuries? Enjoy!

#1 Mind Your Head

This poor guy doesn’t know it yet, but in just a few seconds, he’s gonna be really p*ssed off, running after his friend like there’s no tomorrow. With a friend like this, who needs enemies?!


#2 Why?!

Why are so many dumb people trying to prove to the world just how stupid they can be?! The thing is, often the people who pay the price are the ones involved in the stupidity.


#3 I Believe I Can Fly…

“… I believe I can touch the ground, I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and pass away.” RIP to this inspirational guy – so young, and so, so stupid. 


#4 Burn, Baby, Burn

How terrible is it for a girl to go through this awful situation below?! We know what will happen next – the four people beside her will throw drinks all over her, and end up staying the night in hospital with her if this fire doesn’t get put out. All that just to pose for a picture!


#5 Think Fast

This is the last ever picture taken of this man, smiling. Let’s take a few moments to admire this – after all, we hate to imagine how many teeth he lost when this tragic incident took place.


#6 Dirty Work

How can we look at this picture without laughing when we think about what happened next?! It was a long fall, for sure, and it’s yet another proof why women live longer than men. 


#7 BOOM.

Okay, so does anyone have any doubt that this trip ended terribly? We really can’t help but wonder why men tend to be so irresponsible about their lives.


#8 Jump!

Clearly, this dude trained way too hard and ended up jumping too far, all the way over to the judges’ table. If he didn’t kill someone, we’re pretty sure he sustained some pretty serious injuries. That’s what you get when you push yourself too far!


#9 Bad Idea

This is quite clearly a disastrous idea, for reasons that we don’t even need to waste our time and energy explaining to you folks. All we can hope is that this courageous dude survived his little stunt.


#10 Oops!

Seems that someone here is gonna be planting a huge, wet, sloppy kiss onto… the ground. He better enjoy it, because it’s going to be the last kiss he’ll be able to enjoy with actual, real teeth.


#11 Take That!

Here’s another great example of friends being our worst enemies at the same time. Just look at what this cruel duo did to their friend! Definitely a bad joke.


#12 Big Fall

And how about this unlucky fella in the picture below?! What a fall that was! We just hope you didn’t lose your nose during your face planting encounter with the bicycle tires, dude. Ouch.

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#13 Strike!

We don’t know how this baseball bat ended up hitting a poor grandpa in the face, but one thing we do know is that it definitely would of hurt a lot. He was minding his own business, enjoying the game, and completely forgot to move when he noticed the bat hurling towards his face.


#14 Treadmill Fail

Why do humans have to be so god damn stupid sometimes?! This super cool dude below will now forever be remembered as the idiot on the treadmill. Well done, you!


#15 Wheeeeee!

Please, kids, learn an important lesson, once and for all. Humans can dream, but they certainly cannot fly. We know, it’s a shame… but unfortunately, we just can’t. So don’t try to behave like a daredevil animal with the gravity on your side. Trust us, it isn’t!


#16 Burnt Face

This trick would be perfect if this irresponsible magician didn’t burn his best friend’s face right off. That’s all we have to say on this matter.


#17 Right On Target

Here’s another lesson, kids – no matter how good your day is going, things can change in a split second. Sometimes, it’s in a very painful way indeed.


#18 Say Bye To The World

It was supposed to be a fun day out at the local theme park, but the chain broke on this kid’s swing, and he stopped believing he could fly that day. We hope he had a safe journey! It’s so sad, because the girl in the Hollister t-shirt seems to be having the time of her life. So sad.