Unseen And Rare Pictures Of Daily Life In North Korea


So you’ve probably already heard about the infamous and controversial country “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, also known as North Korea… right? Or how about its famous dictator, the eccentric and socialist God Kim Jong-un? Well, last year, an important movie was launched, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, called “The Interview” which portrays daily life in North Korea in a funny perspective, which irritated the North Korean government hugely. Despite the movie, what many people don’t know is how daily life is for the North Korean people, or what the streets in this mysterious country actually look like. So, to help us find out more about this odd little country, an Australian businessman called Andrew Macleod went there and took some fascinating pictures of Pyongyang, the country’s capital, during his visit in February 2013. The photographs definitely show another side of history, and portrays the calm and silence of the North Korean people going about their daily lives. One thing’s for sure – the pictures will definitely amaze you. So, here’s a special selection of some unseen and highly rare pictures of life in North Korea. Enjoy!

#1 The Beautiful Pyongyang


#2 Night Lights