Watch Hilarious Reactions of People Getting Scared


We aren’t sure why watching people get scared by other people is so incredibly funny– but it definitely is.  It’s pure joy.  So, enjoy these other people reacting to getting scared– and be glad it’s not you.

1. Sent his head rolling

Watch out when you try to scare a big tough guy– he’ll just full on punch your head off.  Poor snowman…but really, we just feel bad for that poor little girl who gets knocked to the ground.  Why can’t the snowman just play nice?


 2. Tapped her on the shoulder

Why is it so funny to watch people get scared? This girl totally freaks out after getting tapped on the shoulder by a scary-looking guy.

scary guy

 3. Watch out for the guy in the garbage can

So, if you’re going to be scaring people all day (who just hangs out in the garbage can waiting to scare people?) then you’ve got to be prepared for how people respond to getting scared.  Some people scream and yell…others will just punch you in the face.

garbage can

4. Scary computer comes to life

We’ve all seen those  freaky computer things that make you look closely at something and then pop up a scary face and voice.  But, this poor guy got double the fright when some guy crawls out from under his desk and scares him again.  He breaks a window and escapes.  Is it staged?  Possibly…but it’s still funny to watch people get scared.


5. Elevators are scary places

A building in Brazil decided to scare patrons by having a little girl come out of an elevator wall after the lights flash– seriously scaring everybody inside.


6. Fantastic reaction

And if you’re just wanting to laugh over and over again– watch this gif of a woman being frightened by a computer screen.  It’s pretty dang funny.  She got really really scared there for a minute.

good reaction

7.  Creepy guy

We know this must be fake…but we still aren’t sure exactly how that guy is dropping his head down like that.  Does he have something on his shoulders making himself look taller?  Regardless, he definitely scared the pants off that woman.

creepy guy

 8. Dinosaur attack

Well, what would you do if a dinosaur just busted through a wall, baring his huge teeth.  You’d scream too! We almost wish we could hear her yell, too!


9. Alien invasion

It’s ok man, we’d run too.  We really would.  It’s not like that guy looks like a real alien or anything.


10. Donkey Kong comes to life

When you’re playing your favorite video game, you really don’t want to see it come to life and burst out of the screen.  Especially if you’re ten years old…that might just terrify you for life.


11. And, finally Taylor Swift

Watch Ellen DeGeneres scare Taylor Swift. Haha. this one never gets old.