Watch This Old Baseball Mitt Transformed Into Something Beautiful


Reddit user “adangelo2390” came up with a creative, not to mention just in time for the baseball season, way to transform an old baseball mitt and baseball into something beautiful. Check out the steps below and let us know what you think.

Couple of points before we begin. 1. I’m not a very experienced craftsman especially with leather however, I enjoy it and will continue to work at it. 2. I missed a couple pics towards the end of the process but I tried to highlight them as best as I could in the description. Any questions, just ask and I will answer. 3. I chose to use a deployment clasp instead of a normal buckle. Reason being it helps save the integrity of the leather instead of it becoming worn by constantly bending it around the buckle to take it on and off. 4. Is it perfect? Absolutely not, however I love the handmade look it has. I hope you enjoy it too!

Remove All Laces from the glove


You can simply cut through everything, or if you like a challenge, just untie every knot and pull out the strand. I use the lace for custom wallets that I make so I take the extra time to take it out carefully as to not damage it.

Separate the glove front and back leather pieces


This part is a little tricky. With some muscle you can pull them apart slowly however I would be careful because I have pulled so hard that I actually ripped some of the leather. Better to carefully do it with sheers or a razorblade.

Cut out the segments to be used for each end of the watch band


I like to use the most ornate parts of the glove so it is still recognizable on my wrist. Be sure to measure carefully the length of each piece (respective to which side of the band it will be: buckle side or the other piece.)


Picture skipped a couple steps but I’ll highlight them for you: Using a skive or an extremely sharp razor, you want to shave away some of the thickness on the underside of the leather so the loop created will not be too fat that it will not fit into the watch. This is extremely important step. I’m still a beginner and found out the hard way that you need to do this. Sucks to create a band and then find out it won’t fit into your watch. Repeat this step on the other piece of leather but keep in mind that piece needs loops on both sides so you need to skive each side respectively.


After skiving, take some quality glue and make the loop. I use the middle of a Q-Tip to form the “loop”. It’s cheap and easy enough this way.

Another shot of the loop from the other side


Destroy a perfectly good MLB official baseball


This step hurts me a little on the inside. But you need to use a MLB official (or minor league official, basically any expensive ball…) if you want to keep the band 100% leather. Most baseballs sold in sporting good stores are synthetic leather and will work, but not sure how they will look over time. I also love the look of the “Official MLB” logo on the underside of the band so I like to use these.

Using a razor, carefully cut around the laces as to not damage them


I use the laces as the loop on the band. I feel it adds a nice touch and keeping the laces intact during this step makes it easier that dealing with already cut laces that are beginning to unravel.

Remove the leather


Pry the leather off and separate the baseball. The ball just looks awful. Like Foghorn Leghorn when something blows up and he loses his feathers.

Unfortunately, it was late in my apartment and I was hammering making alot of noise and forgot to take pictures of the next coup


-Cut the baseball leather to size. It needs to fit underneath the band. Glue the two piece together so they are steady in place for the creation of the holes and threading.

-Using the tool depicted in the picture you want to hammer in holes for threading. Using the edge of the band as a guide, make sure to keep the line straight.



Here is the fun part, you can sew using any technique you want. Many use the saddle-stitch and I like the way that stitch holds up however, for the sake of the theme of this band, I chose this sewing pattern. I feel it looks similar to the laces on a baseball.

Fits snug into the watch – 22mm


The baseball “loop” is quite easy to make. Just cut the laces to the desired length, and create two holes on the underside and stitch it into a loop. Then slide it on the appropriate leather band.

Other side of the band


finished product