Ways To Get More Kimchi In Your Life


Kimchi isn’t just a passing phase in the culinary world.  Whether you want it more sour than salty, funky than fiery, or mellow than super stinky, it is here to stay!  Here are some ways to have more kimchi in your life!  If you’re really into the spicy thing, check out these heavenly ways to use sriracha on just about everything!

#1 Butter-Kimchi Fried Rice

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, kimchi goes perfectly with dairy, such as butter, cream, and cheese, bringing out great flavor combinations.  When you’re done, garnish with some crispy sesame seeds and crunchy roasted seaweeds.  Best eaten straight from the pan!  Get the recipe from Maangchi here.

Butter-Kimchi Fried Rice

#2 Roasted Sweet Potato and Kimchi Salad

Combine the spicy kick of kimchi with roasted sweet potatoes and you have a winner!  Find the recipe at The 365 Kitchen here.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Kimchi Salad

#3 Kimchi Corn Salsa

This is a bit easier to make and can be partnered with almost anything (especially fried stuff)!  All you need is some kimchi, sweet corn, cilantro, and sesame oil.  Get the recipe from The Wired Whisk here.

Kimchi Corn Salsa

#4 Kimchi Scrambled Eggs

Who says you can’t have something spicy for breakfast?  Find the recipe here at Schizo-Alias.

Kimchi Scrambled Eggs

#5 Kimchi and Pork Fried Dumplings

Make with kimchi, tofu, ground pork, green onions, and wonton wrappers—and you have great appetizers!  Find the recipe from So Hungry I Could Blog here.

Kimchi and Pork Fried Dumplings

#6 Kimchi Grilled Cheese

We know that people who love their grilled cheese sandwiches are probably cringing in their boots right now (for those of you who just adore cheese, check out these awesomely cheesiest of the cheese treats you should eat right now).  But try this recipe from Two Red Bowls right now.  The cheese cuts the acidity of the kimchi, while kimchi gives a kick to the heavy greasiness of the cheese.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese

#7 Kimchi Pizza

All kinds of pizza have been invented over the years, so kimchi in pizza shouldn’t be such a surprise!  Get the recipe here from Hey Theresia.
Kimchi Pizza

#8 Grilled Steak with Kimchi Butter

No matter what your steak may be, just adding this kimchi compound butter will make it shine.  Well, all this picture makes us want to do is salivate.  Look for the recipe here at Kimchi Chronicles.

Grilled Steak with Kimchi Butter

#9 Kimchi Pancake

Kimchi pancake or kimchi pajeon’s base is made with flour, eggs, green onion, and of course, kimchi.  Kimchi lends boatloads of flavor, heat, and texture.  Get the recipe here from Closet Cooking.

Kimchi Pancake

#10 Kimchi Burger

This kimchi burger is made with Angus beef (marinated with Korean BBQ), gourmet house dressing, salad, and kimchi vegetables, on a freshly baked bun.  Get your fix from el Toro Burger here.

Kimchi Burger

#11 Kimchi Pasta with Bacon and Sesame Seeds

Using dry pasta, bacon, garlic, Korean red pepper paste, butter, scallions, sesame seeds, and kimchi, this dish marries Italian and Korean cuisine perfectly.  Get the recipe directions from Serious Eats here.

Kimchi Pasta

#12 Kimchi Fries

L.A. Burger‘s K-Fries or Kimchi fries has shoestring fries, kimchi, Korean spicy beef (bulgogi), cheese, cilantro, onions, drizzled with their top secret spicy sauce.  Oh, and did we mention they make their own kimchi?  Hurrah!

Kimchi Fries

#13 Kimchi Stew

Kimchi jjigae is a hearty stew made with kimchi, pork belly (in this instance, bacon—check out these other food combinations that just work with bacon), chili, tofu, and egg.  Find the recipe from Our Jank Kitchen here.

Kimchi Stew

#14 Healthy Homemade Kimchi Ramen

No, we don’t mean cooking instant noodles and dumping a bunch of kimchi in it.  Nonetheless, this recipe is very easy to make and typically only takes around 15 minutes to cook the entire dish.  Find the recipe at Divine Healthy Food here.

Healthy Homemade Kimchi Ramen

#15 Kimchi Hot Dog

Instead of salsa, add some sour, spicy, salty kimchi to your hot dog to make it more flavorful!  Read through the recipe from Maangchi here.

Kimchi Hot Dog