Ways To Get More Kimchi In Your Life


Kimchi isn’t just a passing phase in the culinary world.  Whether you want it more sour than salty, funky than fiery, or mellow than super stinky, it is here to stay!  Here are some ways to have more kimchi in your life!  If you’re really into the spicy thing, check out these heavenly ways to use sriracha on just about everything!

#1 Butter-Kimchi Fried Rice

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, kimchi goes perfectly with dairy, such as butter, cream, and cheese, bringing out great flavor combinations.  When you’re done, garnish with some crispy sesame seeds and crunchy roasted seaweeds.  Best eaten straight from the pan!  Get the recipe from Maangchi here.

Butter-Kimchi Fried Rice

#2 Roasted Sweet Potato and Kimchi Salad

Combine the spicy kick of kimchi with roasted sweet potatoes and you have a winner!  Find the recipe at The 365 Kitchen here.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Kimchi Salad