30 Weirdest Artists To Ever Grace The Art World


 Art has always been an innate part of human culture. From the first caveman who drew figures of animals on the walls of his cave, all the way to the great artists of our time, humans have always felt a need to share their visions through art. But I think it’s safe to say that our pre-historic cavemen artists could never have imagined the bizarre forms modern art has taken like the ones you’re about to see.

The following are some of the weirdest artists to ever grace the art world. Using unusual media and tools like their own vomit or their genitalia, these weird artists create beautiful, albeit shocking works of art. Check them out:

1. Zhu Cheng uses Panda poop for her sculptures.

Zhu Cheng’s panda poo sculpture (yes, that’s right, faeces

2. Chakaia Booker’s tire sculptures.

Chakaia Booker and her tyre sculptures are quite unusual

3. Choi Jung Hyun sculptures out of computer parts.

Choi Jung Hyun sculpts using computer parts