30 Weirdest Artists To Ever Grace The Art World


 Art has always been an innate part of human culture. From the first caveman who drew figures of animals on the walls of his cave, all the way to the great artists of our time, humans have always felt a need to share their visions through art. But I think it’s safe to say that our pre-historic cavemen artists could never have imagined the bizarre forms modern art has taken like the ones you’re about to see.

The following are some of the weirdest artists to ever grace the art world. Using unusual media and tools like their own vomit or their genitalia, these weird artists create beautiful, albeit shocking works of art. Check them out:

1. Zhu Cheng uses Panda poop for her sculptures.

Zhu Cheng’s panda poo sculpture (yes, that’s right, faeces

2. Chakaia Booker’s tire sculptures.

Chakaia Booker and her tyre sculptures are quite unusual

3. Choi Jung Hyun sculptures out of computer parts.

Choi Jung Hyun sculpts using computer parts

4. Chris Trueman uses dead ants in his paintings.

Chris Trueman and his dead ant paintings have created quite a storm

5. This amazing work of art by David Mach is made of coat hangers.

David Mach turns the everyday coat hanger into a work of art

6. Guido Daniele transforms his hands into amazing works of art.

Guido Daniele gets hands-on with his creations

7. Ian Cook uses toy cars to paint.

Ian Cook uses toy cars to ‘drive’ his paintings together

8. Jennifer Maestre and her pencil sculptures.

Jennifer Maestre gets colourful when sculpting with pencils

9. Kate MccGwire uses pigeon feathers in her artworks.

Kate MccGwire uses pigeon feathers in her work – the cause of bald birds everywhere

10. Kittiwat Unarrom’s unsettling bread sculptures.

Kittiwat Unarrom’s bread sculpting looks a little too realistic for my liking

11. Leandro Granato creates his paintings with tears, after snorting paint through his nose, he squirts it on to his canvas.


12. Lisa Black and her d made from their real carcasses.

Lisa Black creates bionic animals out of their carcasses

13. Cecelia Webber and the bodies in her paintings.

Look closely at Cecelia Webber’s work to see the bodies

14. Marni Kotak gave birth to her son Baby X as a performance art.

Marni Kotak gave birth in an art studio, highlighting life’s natural beauty

15. Maurizio Savini creates life-size sculptures using chewed bubble gum.


16. Morten Viskum uses a real severed hand as a paintbrush.

Morten Viskum uses a REAL severed hand as a paintbrush

17. Natalie Irish creates paintings using only her lips.

Natalie Irish creates kissable paintings using her lips

18. Salvador Dali uses explosive cartridges to blast paint onto canvas.

Salvador Dali has been known to use explosive cartridges to blast paint onto canvas

19. Stephen Murmer’s dips his butt in paint and then uses his glutes as a brush.

Stephen Murmer’s buttocks have created many a work of art

20. Orestes de la Paz, uses his own liposuctioned fat to create soap.

The artist, Orestes de la Paz, uses his own liposuctioned fat to create soap

21. This guy uses his penis as his paintbrush.

The man who paints with his penis

22. The painter who paints with basketballs.

The painter who paints with basketballs

23. This painter uses his tongue as paintbrush.

The painter who paints with his tongue

24. The painter who uses her breasts as paintbrush.

The painter who uses her breasts

25. The underwater painters.

The underwater painters

26. Millie Brown throws up on canvas to create art.

v Millie Brown drinks coloured milk and regurgitates it onto canvas

27. Val Thompson uses people’s ashes in her paintings.

Val Thompson provides an alternative to scattering loved ones’ ashes – she paints with them

28. Vinicius Quesada uses human blood in making paintings.

Vinicius Quesada uses human blood to create mixed media art

29. Xiang Chen uses his eyes to paint.

Xiang Chen doesn’t need hands to paint when he has his eyes

30. Andy Warhol and his “piss painting”.

And finally, who knew Andy Warhol did ‘piss painting