Weirdest Yearbook Photos You Definitely Need To See!


One way to leave your mark in high school is by the use of your own personal space within your yearbook. This is the opportunity to showcase whatever it is you can for the whole school- heck, for the whole generation- to see! Quirky annotations, funny faces, compelling handsomeness/beauty, etc- none of those hold a candle against what we can consider “the epitome of yearbook awesomeness.”

These graduates presented in this collection of the worlds weirdest yearbook photos are such in a rush to just get the heck out of there. So much, that they are determined to leave a lasting impression regardless of what they do on the yearbook. Without further ado, here are the weirdest yearbook photos you definitely need to see.


1.  She blends in perfectly.



2. A starry, starry night featuring a cat winning the internet. Absolutely.