What Dating Looks Like On Instagram Versus Real Life


We all know everybody shares the best things about their lives on social media.  But do you ever catch yourself portraying only the perfect moments and not the not-so-nice? Here’s a look at what dating looks like on Instagram versus real life.  Here’s our question though– Where do the Instagrammers get an awesome behind-the-scenes photographer to take adorable pictures of them with their significant other everywhere they go?

1. Date night on Instagram

So nice to have a lovely night out together.  Don’t we look good?


Date night in real life

Who is this guy?  There will not be a second date, I can assure you that.

date night

2. Cuddling on Instagram

Aww….they’re so precious. Snuggled up, about to kiss… and in a field.  Bonus points for the field part.


Cuddling in real life

And…what really happens when you’re cuddling.  You actually get some sleep. The longer you’re together, the better a big bed becomes.


3. Anniversary on Instagram

Awe– it’s your anniversary.  You and your special one are going to enjoy some wine and crackers.  How romantic.


Anniversary in real life

Mmm hmm…you know this happens.


4. Cooking together on Instagram

Look at all that beautiful food…..


Cooking together in real life

Or….set it on self-timer to take a pic of the two of us stirring something on the stove.  Thrilling stuff, I tell you.


5. Riding bicycles together on Instagram

Wow, an action shot that’s been edited to include a beautiful light filter. You two look soooo amazing.

bike couple

Riding bicycles together in real life

Sorry normal bike-riding folks, you’ll have to take photos of each other, one by one, since you don’t have a magic photographer. No couples shots for you.  And no filters, either.

bike ride

6. Traveling together on Instagram

Aw, you took a picture together scuba diving.  How precious!


Traveling together in real life

Sorry– you don’t get any adorable pictures together because you’re alone on the beach.  Your toes will have to do.


7. Working out on Instagram

That’s right, you got it, Instagram couples look hot while wifey does crunches and husband holds her steady.  Can they get any hotter? The song “I’m sexy and I know it,” should be playing in the background for them.

work out

Working out in real life

Couples Selfie…that’s all they get.


8. Going to a wedding on Instagram

You both look adorable and so happy to be there together.  Life couldn’t be better.


Going to a wedding in real life

Woooo! We’re all gonna party it up tonight! Open bar!