What Is Making You Look Older Than You Are


We all know what makes you look old. Wrinkles, fine lines, tired eyes. The list goes on and on. We were shocked to learn how commonplace things in your everyday beauty routine can make you look much older than you are. There are some really easy tips that you can follow to help you start looking young, fresh and beautiful.

1. Skipping Foundation

Gone are the days of heavy foundation. Nowadays there are so many options that look great and are great for your skin. Foundation not only helps to smooth out and even skin tone, but it helps to give off a more  youthful complexion.


2. Not Wearing Lip Liner

As we age, those fine, little lines around the mouth start to emerge. Those lines are only emphasized by lipstick that bleeds. Using lip liner will help to keep lipstick where it belongs, on your lips!


3. Too Thin Eyebrows

When we say natural we don’t mean leave them to nature. Eyebrows frame the face and a natural arch and full eyebrows can take years off your face. Thinly drawn or overplucked eyebrows can leave the face looking naked and aged.

thin eyebrows

4. Wearing Too Much Concealer

Heavily applied concealer, especially to the undereye area can accentuate fine lines. Instead, opt for for good quality concealers that are creamy and blend easily into the skin.


5. Crazy Eyelashes

We all love a good set of fake eyelashes for the right event, but for an everyday look, opt for a quality mascara that is waterproof and smudge proof that will separate and define your lashes, not clump them together. It’s best to avoid too much eye makeup on the lower lashes too since it can accentuate fine lines and crows feet.

6. Applying Blush With a Heavy Hand

Rosy and flush cheeks add an instant glow to your face which translates into dewy youthfulness. The key here is the apply blush correctly using a large blush and sweeping the color over the apples of your cheeks. You want to avoid a thick stripe of color over your cheekbones.


7. Really Dark Hair

Don’t be afraid to lighten your hair color. Very dark shades can accentuate thinning hair and stray gray hairs that you do not want to highlight!

8. Neglecting Your Neck

The skin around your neck and décolletage area are sensitive and prone to sun spots and sagging as you age. Do your best to keep this area firm and spot free by cleansing thoroughly, moisturizing and regularly weaering sun screen.

9. Not Using Conditioner

As we age, our hair get drier and duller. Try to condition a few times a week to keep you hair shiny, healthy and bouncy.

images (2)

10. Wearing Black Eyeliner

Harsh, black eyeliner can draw attention to fine lines and crows feet. Try using more subtle colors that are a few shades lighter than black such as chocolate or charcoal.


11. Afraid To Go Lighter

Lighter hair can soften your overall look and detract from wrinkles and lines around your face. Don’t go crazy with platinum blond highlights, experts recommend keeping hair 2 shades lighter than your natural color.

12. Wearing Glittery Eyeshadow

Glittery eye shadow draws attention to all the wrong things. Sagging eyelids,  wrinkles and fine lines are highlighted with glitter eyeshadow so put this away until your next costume party.

13. Not Luminizing Your Skin

Dewy, luminized skin is the hallmark of youth. Try using powders and foundations with crushed minerals to give your skin just a faint and subtle amount of shimmer. This helps to reflect the light and minimize skin imperfections.


14. Wearing dark lipstick

Lighter lip colors make your lips look plump and full. Darker lipsticks will make lips look smaller and dull. We don’t want that! Try lip colors in soft tones such as mauve and pinks.


15. Stick Straight Hair

We aren’t living in the 70’s anymore and stick straight hair has a tendency to draw out and elongate your face. Loose and gentle waves, frame the face and add softness to your eyes and jawline.