What Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know


Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States. With that role comes in incredible and inordinate amount of responsibility. He believes his experience in business and real estate will serve him well in the White House.




Let’s take a look at the way Donald Trump actually conducts business, both personally and professionally.  These are all instances that he’d rather you soon forget. You be the judge of whether you want this man to be the next President of the United States. 

He Has Hired Illegal Immigrants




In order to quickly (and cheaply) construct his namesake Trump Tower in New York City, Trump stated under oath that he knowingly was aware of illegal immigrants working on the job site. In a lawsuit, 200 undocumented Polish workers claimed they were paid $5 per hour, were not given hard hats while working,  and were forced to sleep on the job site.

Sexual Assault Accusations By His First Wife




During their 1990 divorce case, Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump used the word “rape” to describe an incident between the couple in 1989. He apparently violently assaulted her, ripping her hair from her scalp, then restraining her and forcing himself on her.

 The Curious Case of Pam Bondi




Just days before Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi was set to launch an investigation into Trump University and Trump Institute, The Trump Foundation donated $25,000 to a group that supports Pam Bondi. It was found that the donation was illegal for this “charitable” foundation and they were fined $2,500.

Blood Sport




His Sons, Donald Jr. and Eric are notorious fans of big game hunting. They have taken multiple trips to Africa to partake in this deadly sport of hunting down wild, exotic animals.

Mafia Ties




Trump has been plagued with rumors of his ties with the mafia. His attorney represented the Genovese crime family boss Tony Salerno.  Trump also bought nine cars for and  extended invitations to his yacht and helicopter to Robert LiButti, an associate of John Gotti.

His Own Mother Is An Immigrant


Donald Trump with his parents Mary and Fred Trump 1994 © Barry Talesnick/Retna, Ltd. USA
Trump’s sentiment on immigrants is interesting given the fact the fact that his own mother, Mary was an immigrant from Scotland who came here penniless. On several censuses taken in the 1920’s and 1930’s, Mary’s occupation is listed as “maid” or “domestic”.

He’s A Cheater




Trump left his first wife and mother of three of his children, Ivana Zelníčková after he had an affair with his future second wife, Marla Maples. Cue the expensive divorce attorney and family law attorney! As a result of his infedility, Ivana ended up with a 20 million dollar divorce settlement.

The Trump Foundation Scandals




The Trump Foundation, a supposed charitable organization,  is under investigation for using $258,000 of donor money to pay for Trump’s legal fees. It was also discovered that Trump himself hardly donates to his own foundation. He also purchased a Tim Tebow helmet and self portrait using Trump Foundation money. The purchased items, ultimately wound up in Trump’s own hands.

His Ties To Russia




$12.7 million dollars in cash payments were paid by the Ukraine (an ally of Russia) to Paul Manafort who is know Trump’s campaign manager. His daughter Ivanka also recently went on vacation to Croatia with Wendy Deng Murdoch who is the rumored girlfriend of Russian Prime Minster, Vladamir Putin.

He’s Not Really Into “American Made”


trump shirt


Trump touts that countries like Mexico, China and Bangladesh are the reason to blame for America’s economic woes. According to him, outsourcing is the culprit behind the loss of American jobs and manufacturing. Unfortunately, Donald doesn’t practice what he preaches as both his and his daughter’s shoe line are produced in places like China and Bangladesh.

Using Donor Money To Line His Own Pockets




The Trump campaign used $55,000 to purchase Trump’s book Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again to hand out to delegates at the Republican National Convention. The move violated FEC rules because Trump pocketed royalties from the publisher as a result of “purchasing” the books.

Money Launderer?




Trump Palace in Palm Beach, Florida is one of the tallest buildings on the East Coast. The hotel is actually registered to a company in Belize which is known as an offshore haven for tax evasion.

Bankruptcy Is Pretty Common For Trump




He claims to be a prudent businessman, but Trump has declared bankruptcy four times.  These bankruptcy filings center around his dealings in hotels, mainly his Atlantic City Hotels and Trump Entertainment Resorts.

Undocumented Models




Though Trump has been a vocal proponent of strengthening immigration laws, many models represented by  Trump Model Management claimed they worked as models using tourist visas and never received the proper paperwork. Many models also said they worked under an H1-B visa which is granted to immigrants who work in specialized industries.

Trump Vodka




We know that Trump has had a plethora of failed businesses (Trump Steaks, Trump Shuttle etc.), but one of his most disastrous failures to date is the demise of his Trump Vodka.  Though Trump doesn’t drink alcohol, he thought Trump Vodka could surpass sales of Grey Goose. That surely didn’t happen.

 Spoiled Son?




His son Barron occupies an entire floor all to himself in the Trump penthouse which his mother refers to as “Barron’s living room”.

The Well Respected Sister




Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry is a well respected senior judge in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Trump said his sister is is supportive of his bid for the presidency, though she has never publicly commented on her brother’s presidential aspirations.

The Brother He Lost




Speaking of his distaste for alcohol, the real reason behind why Trump doesn’t drink is that he lost his older brother, Fred Jr. to alcoholism. Though Freddy was being groomed to be the heir apparent, his life took a turn for the worse.