Whoa! Infamous Celebrity Feuds That Actually Happened


From Twitter fights to face-to-face quarrels, these infamous celebrity feuds makes you rethink picking a fight with them.  While others have resolved their differences, others are still at it.

#1 Drake vs. Chris Brown

The feud between Drake and Chris Brown because of Rihanna.  Their fight went into its climactic point in June 2012 at a New York nightclub when Brown sent a liquor bottler to the table of Drake.  Drake reportedly sent the bottle back with a note suggesting that he was still at it with Rihanna.  A small fight started, with Brown receiving a rather big gash on his chin and 5 others injured.

Drake vs. Chris Brown

#2 Eminem vs. Mariah Carey

The relationship between Eminem and Mariah Carey started quite amicably, when they started dating in 2001.  They decided to break up for what Eminem said was personality differences.  Things went sour when Carey slighted him publicly in her song “Clown” from her 2002 “Charmbracelet” album.  She even copied him during her 2003 tour.  It was only 2 years later that Eminem bashed him on his own tour.  It became even more personal when Eminem attacked Carey and her then new husband Nick Cannon in “Bagpipes from Baghdad.”  Carey retaliated through the “Obsessed” music video, wherein she played a man who liked a lot like Eminem.

Eminem vs. Mariah Carey