What Women Really Go Through As Summer Nears


If you’re female and it’s almost summertime, you know what’s in store for you.  Constant and harsh scrutiny of every inch of your body as you bare more of it by wearing shorts, tank tops, swim suits and rompers.  So, in order to prepare, you’ll put yourself through a rigorous routine of scrubbing, dieting, and yoga-ing your heart out to look your very best.  Here’s what women really go through as summer nears.

1. Pull out the exfoliators

Nobody likes unsightly body hair– especially on women.  So, you’ll exfoliate and shave or wax every inch of your bod, so it’s smooth and soft.  It’s a huge pain and a ridiculous time consumer…but you’d rather do that than be caught with hair on your bikini line.


2. Lay down the yoga mat

And then start a rigorous yoga routine that will have you sweating all over the place.  It’s the only way.