Wonderland: The Magical Macro Insect Photography of Nadav Bagim


Insects are one of the most popular subject matters when it comes to macro photography. They offer a wide variety of colors, sizes and character to capture. Israel-based Nadav Bagim took this genre one magical step further by photographing insects within attentively crafted whimsical worlds. The ambience in which they are placed will make you think of dreams and fairytales, as well as make you regret all the times you might have unintentionally squashed a bug.

Calling this photo series, “Wonderland”, Nadav Bagim explains how this project came about:
“I started ‘Wonderland’ about four years ago,’ Bagim explains. “I’ve always loved nature and as a child spent most of the time with my nose inches above the ground tracking and observing little insects and animals. That’s why the first lens I bought was a macro. I started photographing about seven years ago – I’m self-taught and a big fan of trial and error. I now teach photography in several schools and lecture about macro photography and the tiny world around us.”

Check out these magical macro insect photography of Nadav Bagim. Enjoy!

1. A Snail and a roly-poly.

A Snail and a roly-poly.

2. A very happy house Gecko.

A very happy house Gecko.

3. Adrift


4. At the bottom

At the bottom

5. Crash Landing

Crash Landing

6. Down The Rabbit Hole

Down The Rabbit Hole

7. Greenery


8. Life Inside A Snow-Globe

Life Inside A Snow-Globe

9. Life Inside A Snow-Globe

Life on Mars

10. Magical Night

Magical Night

11. Make Slime Not War

Make Slime Not War

12. Mama’s boy

Mama's boy.

13. Moonriver


14. Narcissus


15. Ready to Fly

Ready to fly.

16. Red Planet Evolution

Red Planet Evolution

17. Reunited


18. Riding The Wave

Riding The Wave

19. Rise and Shine

Rise and shine

20. Somewhere Out There

Somewher out there

21. Still Chasing The One That Got Away

Still chasing the one that got away.

22. Sun Kissed

Sun kissed

23. Sunrise Friends

Sunrise Friends

24. Sunshower


25. Swirly


26. The Celestial Conductor

The Celestial Conductor

27. The Emperor

The Emperor


28. The Hunter

The Hunter


29. The Journey

The journey


30. Tunnel Of Love

Tunnel of love