You Won’t Believe This Apocalyptic Living Space


For the more cautious among us, a post-apocalyptic shelter has almost definitely crossed our minds. It’s always been pictured as a grungy, cramped, dirty hole in the wall shelter for crazy theorists… Until you see this decked out apocalyptic shelter, that is!


Made by Atlas Survival Shelters, this shelter has been well-planned out and executed to perfection.


The shelter claims to provide some impressive protection, guarding its inhabitants from nuclear and biological disasters and bomb blasts.


Nothing is left to chance here, as even the entrance ladder is at a 30 degree slope to protect against gamma radiation.


The living space itself is nothing to dismiss either. In fact, it’s practically on par with modern condos in the big city, with a sizable living room equipped with a TV and plenty of seating.


You can even be a great at-home chef with the kitchen and dining area. The decently-sized fridge, sink, and big counter space provide ample resources for the creative survivor.

You won’t even miss going out for date night with this awesome dining area!


Let’s not forget about the sleeping areas. The shelter provides plenty of room with 8 separate bunk beds.


And for the parents of the family, a master bedroom complete with a queen-sized bed!


Of course, hygiene must also be maintained – which is why the shelter comes with a bathroom, including an electric toilet, shower, and washing machines.


This shelter seems to just have it all, but anybody who’d pay the $36,000 for an apocalyptic shelter will want a Plan B. That’s why the shelter even includes a handy escape hatch, just in case!


If you have a hunch that doomsday is approaching, this shelter could be the next big investment for you!