You Won’t Believe These Fascinating Photos Of Baby Animals In The Womb


The reporter and producer Peter Chinn from the National Geographic Channel is the one responsible for the amazing series “In The Womb: Extreme Animals”, which, with the help of ultrasound examinations in 3D, computer graphics, and nano special cameras, can give us some amazing and incredible images of baby animals during their time in the womb. From snakes to elephants, this series is memorable not only because of the simple fact that it’s pretty cute to see a baby animal inside the womb with so many great details, but because it is something that has never been done before. So, it goes without saying that it’s extremely fascinating to see such a special and beautiful moment of nature. Here’s a selection of some of his best photos and videos. Enjoy!

#1 Dolphin

Dolphins stay in the wombs of their mothers for up to 12 months, but after they are born, they spend months or even years in some cases, swimming close to their mother before becoming totally independent.