Worst Celebrity Outfits From The Millennium Decade


Usually when we think of celebrity clothing, we think of amazing designers and awesome duds.  But, some celebs just can’t manage to put together a decent outfit, no matter how expensive the pieces.  It’s strange, disappointing and somewhat thrilling to see your favorite celebrities wear some very strange outfits.  The era of the millennium was even crazier.  Midriffs were everywhere, slip dresses and bra tops abounded.  Here are the best of the worst celebrity outfits from the millennium decade.

1. Jennifer Lopez was a true 00’s girl

From the hat, to the big hoops, gold chain and the velour track suit, everything about this outfit is screaming 2003.  It’s making us strangely nostalgic…


2. Cher was a stand-out

We love this– everyone else is in a tuxedo or how and here’s Cher, wearing sparkly pants and heels, with a matching top and a denim jacket.  Her signature over-the-top makeup is a total plus here.  We love you, Cher.