Worst Fashion And Beauty Trends In 2014


Some fashion trends are great– you feel good about how you look, you look trendy and everybody wins.  Others…are just plain strange.  These trends are the ones we would love to see end (i.e.: they’re the worst).  Here are the worst fashion and beauty trends in 2014.  It’d be great if they don’t carry over to next year.

1. Cut-out swimsuits

Sure, Sofia Vergara looks beautiful in hers (what doesn’t she look beautiful in?) but this style just doesn’t work on everybody.  Plus, I’m sure they give you the WEIRDEST tan lines.  Keep the scissors away from the swim suits, please.

cutout swimsuits

2. Maxi Mini Skirts

So…it’s a maxi skirt with a sheer-like fabric that goes over or around your mini-skirt? Does this leave anyone else going..what wha?  Our particular favorite is the crotch shot in the middle.  These are weird.  Either wear a mini skirt or wear a maxi…but not both.

maxi mini skirts