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BoredBug is the premier stop for tons of readers wanting to cure their boredom. But we wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of our amazing contributors! If you dream of having your content become viral and would love for people to read your work, then BoredBug is a great opportunity for you to kickstart your career.

Reasons you should become a BoredBug contributor:

1) Reach a wide audience.

Here’s your opportunity to get plenty of feedback on your work! All contributions will be displayed on the front page after approval, so you’ll always get a fresh stream of readers upon submission. We have over 7.5 million monthly visitors and we’ve racked up over 33 million pageviews a month with our boredom killing content!

2) Explore new stories.

Boredbug specializes in fresh, new, and viral content in categories such as entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, DIY, and business, so you’ll be able to write about anything and everything you love. The best submissions will be shared on our social media and throughout our network, bringing even more attention to your work and potentially earning you a premium. We’ve given out countless premiums to our top-performing stories. Are you ready to earn yours?

3) Build a reputation.

Your content, your ideas. It’s all written by you, for the world to see and share. With Boredbug’s user base, your content has a chance to go viral, meaning your writing is sure to get noticed. Link back to your own social media plugs or create a profile on ours!

4) Fine-tune your skills.

Our editors love giving feedback on stories, and you’ll love getting their feedback. The editors here at Boredbug provide feedback designed to help you improve and fine-tune your skills. With every article, your writing will only keep getting better!

5) Get paid for your work.

It’s almost too good to be true, right? Until now, we’ve only hired experienced writers, but we’re ready to hire fresh talent and newcomers. If you’re looking to make a living in content creation, this is your chance to jumpstart your writing career.

If your work gets published, you’ll get paid. It’s that simple. Being a writer means getting paid to do what you love. If you’re ready to start earning money, put your game face on and join us in our fight against boredom!

  • Articles must be 100% original. No previously published work and absolutely no plagiarism.
  • All images and sources must be cited.
  • No self-promotion or affiliate links are allowed. Social media plugs to Twitter and Facebook are allowed pending our approval.

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