You’ll Cry A River When You See All The Bizarre Fashion Trends Of The 80’s


After the whole colourful hippie era of ‘peace and love’ and the drug abuse that came along with it, a new age in humanity started… the tacky and hilarious 1980’s. It was the beginning of the electronic revolution, video games, crazy music, and visual effects in movies. However, this memorable era also changed the way people dressed and styled their hair, in a really bad way. Here’s a selection of the most bizarre fashion trends of the 80’s… so sit back, relax, and cry an entire river at all this nostalgia.

#1 The Bada*s Hairstyles

Take a good look at each of these bizarre hairstyles of the 1980’s. The way the two guys seem like they’re looking towards some lost horizon is pretty hilarious – looks like they’re seriously starting to regret leaving the house like this. The girls look just as tragic.