You’ll Laugh At These Funny Pets Feeling Insanely Jealous


It’s not only us humans who have a tendency to feel a little jealous sometimes. Contrary to popular belief, animals can turn into the green-eyed monster every now and then, too – especially our pets. They can get jealous for a variety of reasons, whether it’s seeing us feed other animals, or watching us have fun with our friends and giving them zero attention whatsoever. Just to show you guys what we’re talking about, here is some hilarious proof that jealous animals really do exist. Check out our special selection of 18 animals who have gotten crazy with jealousy, and need attention right this second. Enjoy!

#1 Silly Husky!

…Is precisely what the lovely little dog in the background is thinking right now. While all the attention is focused on the husky’s big blue eyes, his little brother just can’t seem to hide his jealousy.


#2 Internet, My Ass!

We know some people might find this a little offensive, but our big buddy in the background is intentionally showing off what he’s got to the camera. Come on, ladies – give him a little attention!


#3 Hey, Don’t Talk To Him!

When this woman attempted to shake hands with this big husky dog, her kitten couldn’t help but feel jealous, and stormed over to make her stop what she was doing. What a jealous little fella!


#4 I’m Here Too, Yano

Everyone in the house is so happy about this baby being newly part of the family, but of course, their dog just can’t understand what all the fuss is about. He used to get so much attention, and now, he’s just in the background of each and every photo with these sad puppy dog eyes.


#5 The Lonely Cat

While this cat plays with his owner, the neighbour cat looks on jealously, wishing he had someone to play with him. We can’t help but feel so sorry for this kitty!


#6 Who Is This Cat?!

Now, things are starting to get pretty damn serious. As you can see below, this cat was definitely not amused when he caught his owner looking at pictures of other cats on her laptop. “How could you?”


#7 Stop Right Now!

Love is beautiful, but this jealous dog doesn’t seem to agree. He wishes his owners would stop kissing, and would start paying him some attention!


#8 Evil Look

And how about this cat who gets jealous every time he sees his owner kissing someone? We don’t know about you guys, but we think this is one hell of a possessive kitty. Meow!


#9 Turn Off The Laptop!

…Is precisely what this cat wants, right this second. Cats know that their owners are bound to get absorbed with technology every now and then, but this kitty needs attention right this second, and he won’t stop until he gets it.


#10 It’s All Mine

Although the little dog on the right looks as sweet as can be, don’t be fooled – he’s the most nasty and greedy of them all. While his older brothers are waiting patiently for the right moment to eat, little Louis couldn’t wait a second longer, and had to eat everything, there and then. Naughty little boy!


#11 Read My Eyes

It’s good to read – people in the world should definitely read more. However, it’s pretty impossible when you live with a dog who has the tendency to get a little jealous sometimes. Every time you open the book to finish the chapter, he or she will beg for your attention, and won’t stop until you put the book down.


#12 What’s Yours Is Mine

That old quote “The grass is always greener on the other side” explains perfectly the funny situation below. This adorable white puppy doesn’t want his own food – he just wants everyone else’s! We love your logic, little boy.


#13 Why Him?!

This is precisely the problem to have two cats in the same house. It’s pretty impossible to give them both attention at the same time, so awkward situations like the one below tend to happen. Just look at those eyes! Terrifying stuff.


#14 Gimme!

What a bizarre fight between two totally different species of animals – a dog and a parrot! Even though the dog is almost double the parrot’s size, this courageous little bird refuses to give up, and will get that yoghurt pot, no matter what it takes.


#15 Excuse Me, But I’m Here Too

Here’s another hilarious case of jealousy in which a dog can’t understand why everyone is giving so much attention to this new, strange, tiny human in the house. Be strong, buddy… ’cause it’s gonna stay this way for a while.


#16 Let’s Share

Life is too short for us not to share our stuff, right?! That’s the lesson this poor dog learnt from the angry sheep below. POW!


#17 Pathetic!

Uhhh… what exactly is going on here?! We literally can’t stop watching. Anyway, while all the attention is focused on the crazy white dog doing the weird dance, the other dogs in the background are clearly not happy with the situation. “What a dumbass.”


#18 I’m Part Of The Family

Cats can be really jealous sometimes, so next time you put pictures up of your kids, don’t forget to include them in a little frame, too. Otherwise, they will solve the terrible situation in their own evil way. God, cats are so awesome.