You’ll Laugh At These Funny Pets Feeling Insanely Jealous


It’s not only us humans who have a tendency to feel a little jealous sometimes. Contrary to popular belief, animals can turn into the green-eyed monster every now and then, too – especially our pets. They can get jealous for a variety of reasons, whether it’s seeing us feed other animals, or watching us have fun with our friends and giving them zero attention whatsoever. Just to show you guys what we’re talking about, here is some hilarious proof that jealous animals really do exist. Check out our special selection of 18 animals who have gotten crazy with jealousy, and need attention right this second. Enjoy!

#1 Silly Husky!

…Is precisely what the lovely little dog in the background is thinking right now. While all the attention is focused on the husky’s big blue eyes, his little brother just can’t seem to hide his jealousy.