You’ll Never Believe These Ridiculous Facebook Posts


Facebook is where your digital life is.  You share things with your friends and family and everyone gets along just great.  Except… not all the time.  Some people are bound to make idiotic comments or set themselves up for embarrassment.  You’ll never believe these ridiculous Facebook posts.

1. She got carded

Yeah, you might want to blur out those numbers before posting a photo of your new credit card online, hon.  That’s how identity theft begins.  Actually, that’s like dropping off your credit card at the burglar’s house, it’s so easy for him to steal from you.


2. Check yourself

Whoa, girl.  If you’re gonna judge others, make sure you can at least spell first…and use the correct form of there/their/they’re grammar.  She got totally stomped by the soldier (who is apparently too stupid to go to college) correcting her grammar.  Did you experience a change in opinion?


3.  Proceed with caution

If you’re going to label others as something bad, be careful that your judgment doesn’t come back to bite you in the butt.  Whoever her friend is with the quick quip about the new “lucky guy,” he seriously burned her.  Better be nice when posting!


4.  Don’t make dirty jokes

After our friend Luke here makes his (he thinks) oh-so-clever joke about women needing to iron, you’ll notice a slight change in his relationship status.  Watch your mouth, buddy or you’ll be sure to piss off that girlfriend of yours.


5.  Password sensitive

This Rob guy is pretty funny.  Not only does he trick some of his friends, he learns their passwords at the same time.  It looks like another pal, Liesl is in on the fun, since she plays along.  I mean, it really is too bad that Facebook isn’t smart enough to change your password into asterisks if you’re stupid enough to type it out.


6.  An ugly way to go

This one might take you a minute to get, but once you do, you’ll think it’s hilarious.  My favorite part is the lookup of burn centers…because the comment was a burn…get it?

fb post

7. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game

Oh Chris…you poor guy.  Your dad got into your Facebook and found out some of the fabricated details of your life.  Too bad, so sad.   Maybe you won’t be so careless next time…or be a fake playa who wants to a roll a fatty.  Now everyone knows you were scared of the dark.  But we won’t make fun of you for crying at Marley and Me because we did too.


8. Give it back

Never a good sign when you don’t remember what you stole from your buddy’s little sister’s room while drunk at a party.


9.  Grandma shouldn’t be on Facebook

No, she definitely should not.  Next time, let her know to call and tell you things you wouldn’t want posted all over the internet.


10. Inappropriate mother

There is nothing worse in life than having your mother embarrass you.  Especially online.  Especially with a photo.  Especially when she thinks it’s funny.  Remember that these status updates are viewable by a whole range of people, before pressing “post.”