If You’ve Ever Struggled To Put Furniture Together, You’re Not Alone- Check Out These Epic Ikea Fails


You finally found the perfect piece of furniture for your new place, it arrived at your home in a giant box and now you’re flipping through a confusing instruction manual, surrounded by a million tiny pieces…and you’re’ starting to feel very, very overwhelmed.  Don’t worry– this post will make you feel better!  If you’ve ever struggled to put furniture together, you’re not alone- check out these epic Ikea fails.

1. Backwards chair

It must really suck to get to the very end of putting something together, only to realize that you put the legs on the wrong way.


2. Drawers that fall out

You know, those drawers aren’t meant to always be falling out and tipping over like that.


3. Alcohol not included

Yes, putting together Ikea drawers like this one requires quite a bit of liquid courage.